Google Search gets a major upgrade on mobile that focuses on simplicity

Google Search gets a major upgrade on mobile that focuses on simplicity

Google on Friday presented what it’s calling a “major visual redesign” of the mobile Google Search experience, which the search giant said will be accessible in the coming days.

“We wanted to take a step back to simplify a bit so people could find what they’re looking for faster and more easily,” said Aileen Cheng, a Google designer who led the overhaul. Cheng called the new design a “breath of fresh air.”

One of the first things Cheng wanted to do was improve Google Search and get individuals the data they were searching for. That implied introducing search results as clearly and rapidly as possible. One way Google did this was by utilizing bigger, bolder text, and furthermore utilizing Google’s own font, which is as of now utilized in Android and Gmail. The outcomes and area titles are greater also.

“Bringing consistency to when and how we use fonts in Search was important too, which also helps people parse information more efficiently,” Cheng explained.

The new Google Search results additionally length edge-to-edge, while Google has disposed of shadows. This makes it simpler for you to detect the result you’re searching for, giving visual space and space to breathe. Google is additionally utilizing shading to feature what’s significant. By showing results on a clean background, Google can use color to guide clients to data.

At long last, the organization said that clients will see Google Search is presently “bubblier and bouncier.” That implies adjusted icons and imagery, which Cheng said is now a major part of Google’s DNA. Simply take a gander at the Search bar or the magnifying glass.

“Rethinking the visual design for something like Search is really complex,” Cheng said. “That’s especially true given how much Google Search has evolved. We’re not just organizing the web’s information, but all the world’s information. We started with organizing web pages, but now there’s so much diversity in the types of content and information we have to help make sense of.”