Google’s first Wear OS 3 smartwatch nearly seems as though a Galaxy Watch 5

Google’s first Wear OS 3 smartwatch nearly seems as though a Galaxy Watch 5

Samsung and Google united recently to co-develop Wear OS 3 for a new generation of smartwatches. Samsung deserted Tizen OS for wearables for Wear OS 3 subsequently, yet this monstrous change has permitted the Korean tech giant to hold some selectiveness over the new OS version.

The Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic are the just smartwatches on the market right currently to run Wear OS 3 out of the box, while other OEMs are relied upon to release the update as late as 2022. Google, then again, is setting up its own smartwatch powered by Wear OS 3. Also as indicated by a new leak from Front Page Tech — complete with fluffy press renders — the official launch of the so-called Google Pixel Watch ought to be not far off.

Like the Galaxy Watch 4, the forthcoming Google Pixel Watch has a circular watch face. In any case, Google’s wearable won’t take advantage of One UI, and on second thought, it will run an unaltered version of Wear OS. The Galaxy Pixel Watch has a bezel-less design, claims one leaked slide, however it’s indistinct in the event that the wearable will offer a virtual rotating bezel for UI navigation.

As far as the exterior design is concerned, Google’s impending wearable seems to draw inspiration from both Samsung and Apple. It apparently gets the round watch face thought from the Galaxy Watch 4, yet the bezels are curved around the edges, like the Apple Watch. It doesn’t have a flat, curved display as the Galaxy Watch 4 does.

All the more thus, the Google Pixel Watch will allegedly have exclusive wrist lashes actually like the Apple Watch does, which implies that, dissimilar to the Galaxy Watch 4 series, it will not be viable with standard 20mm wrist straps.

At last, the Google Pixel Watch seems to have one side physical button rather than two, which could hint at the absence of a BIA sensor.

All things considered, Google’s first Wear OS 3 smartwatch nearly resembles Apple’s interpretation of the Galaxy Watch 4, and it’s almost similar to an uncommon – however admittedly gorgeous – mix between the two worlds. It may not be pretty much as viable as the Galaxy Watch 4 give the restricted wrist tie options, yet notwithstanding, it kind of resembles an evolution of Samsung’s design, or if nothing else a more rich interpretation of the base formula. We’ll need to sit back and watch assuming that Samsung will draw inspiration from the Pixel Watch for its own Galaxy Watch 5 one year from now.

Past the exterior, it will be interesting to check whether and how Google will attempt to separate its Wear OS 3 software experience from the Galaxy Watch 4 series and One UI.