Google’s Phone application may be rebranded to ‘Google Call’ and get another four-color icon

Google’s Phone application may be rebranded to ‘Google Call’ and get another four-color icon

As of late, Google has brought its Android dialer to non-Pixel gadgets and changed the Play Store listing. It currently gives the idea that an upcoming rebrand will give the Phone application another logo and name: “Google Call.”

A YouTube advertisement for the Phone by Google application — as it’s currently formally alluded to on the Play Store — arose today. It includes a connection to download and features a “reliable caller ID” feature. The included screenshot — which exists today — doesn’t show anything strange.

Be that as it may, the upper-right corner of the advertisement includes another logo. It’s a generic phone icon — that is indistinguishable from the new Voice logo, yet the four Google tones are being used. This is followed by “Google Call.”

This could be the new name of the application, as well as its homescreen icon. The current one uses a somewhat unique shape, and is placed against a blue background.

This new icon isn’t live on Google Play or some other site. It would come after the enormous rebrand to Workspace and all the applications under that umbrella. The Phone application, alongside Messages and Duo, is driven by a similar leader that manages the productivity suite.

Thusly, it very well may be conceivable that those purchaser communication products additionally have new looks holding on to be reported. All things considered, another name to go with it would a lot of be a takeoff.

Nonetheless, that rebrand would be very intelligent of all the Google smarts in the Phone application today from Call Screen and Hold for Me, just as spam notice and search.