RelmDiggie’s Social Activism through Music

RelmDiggie’s Social Activism through Music

RelmDiggie is a famous songwriter, singer, and rapper. Columbus, Ohio is his breath place and where he was brought up. Storytelling and writing was his passion from his childhood. He was inspired to write his story and to share it with the whole world when he was in 4th grade. His name, Relm, is derived from the word “realism” and so he is passionate to put realism in music too. He is going to continue his career in music, having a huge interest in songwriting. His song was first played on a local radio station that was the breakpoint of his music journey. That was the huge support and love from people that made him move further across the whole of California. His every new single that comes out sounds unique. He always tries to make every new project unique and creative. He aims to inspire others with his music, and importantly he is concerned about his son. He worked with artists like Mr. Kane, E. White, and Bizzy Bone. He also traveled with D-12, Mobb Deep, and Cash Money.   

Relm’s History

He was passionate to write and share the story of his life when he was in 4th grade. Once in a reading class, students were said to write their stories. Relm completed this task in 2o minutes before the due time. His teacher got inspired by his writing skill and appreciated him. His music career started when his song was played on a local radio station.     

Social Activism through Music

“Here we go again” is his new single, detailing the brutality against the black man. This song is full of emotions and has a powerful feeling for the black community. It reveals his empathy, sadness, and pain for traumas occurring by the police brutality for black people. 

This song reveals the true feelings of the black man of today. His vision to create this song is to spread awareness about the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement.

He thinks that this is one of the powerful pieces of music for the present situation. He always uses a lot of passion and emotions in his music. “Here we go again” is one of his best pieces of music, having all the elements in it. The beauty of this project is increased because it was the most suitable time for it to be released. 

A super-intensive protest in May 2020 was one of the causes of releasing this single. George Floyd was beaten to death by police in the summer of 2020. Then citizens of the United States protest against the brutality of the policeman. Relm’s mission for releasing this song was also to heal people through his music. “Here we go again” is a message for everyone who is in pain due to police brutality, and is above all the politics. People admired and loved his song, and he got millions of youtube views.   His plans include writing the movies and songs.