Gregory Brown CEO Of Stackin Up Entertainment Records

Gregory Brown CEO Of Stackin Up Entertainment Records

Stackin Up Entertainment is based out of Richmond, Virginia and created by CEO, Gregory 64 Brown. Stackin Up Entertainment LLC is a brand that believes in continuous growth, confidence, professionalism, learning, creativity, innovation, relationships, and support. We specialize in music entertainment, music production, recording/engineering vocals, graphic design, and web design.

Stackin up entertainment looks at longevity and wants to teach the process to other individuals who have a passion for music and turn it into a career.

Our slogan also says, “we make visions come true.” that means whatever we talk about, that is what we are about and bring it to life. We are a brand that is serious about our craft but love having fun while putting in the hard work. Stackin up entertainment is also about family and treating everyone equally.

We are very passionate about the work we put in. s.u.e has a creative roster and some individuals have had college experience, training, and some of us are self-taught. We like to put our pain, good times, and bad times in our creativity, and turn it into something positive.

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