Growing an Independent Platform: 6ixCloutTV

Growing an Independent Platform: 6ixCloutTV

Breaking into the music industry can seem like an impossible task. The music scene is over-saturated with underground artists looking for the spotlight, and standing out among the crowd can be incredibly difficult. 6ixCloutTV founder, Myles Kofi Fynn-Aggrey is all too familiar with this, as his first attempts at releasing music were met with a lack of support.

After failing to gain the traction he was hoping for, Myles Kofi Fynn-Aggrey started 6ixCloutTV, in hopes of creating his own platform to promote the music of himself, his friends, and other local talent. What started off as an Instagram page quickly grew into a full-on marketing business for independent talent. 6ixCloutTV offers artist development, public relations, digital marketing, and promotion for those in the hip-hop scene.

The platform has been a great success, quickly generating a following of over 20,000, and exposing small artists to thousands of potential fans on a weekly basis. 6ixCloutTV’s curated tracks published to major streaming networks have amassed around 500,000 streams in just a few months, becoming a complete game changer for artists looking to build their careers. With continued growth and support, the platform has big plans for the future, including building a YouTube channel and a record label.

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