Guestio’s Travis Chappell on the Sacrifices of Entrepreneurship

Guestio’s Travis Chappell on the Sacrifices of Entrepreneurship

What was the biggest sacrifice you’ve made to get to where you are today?

The financial sacrifices were tough. When we started the business, the majority of my revenue was from coaching and consulting, which are low-expense services. I could’ve likely continued doing that and made good income without incurring a ton of expenses, but my wife and I decided to keep living well below our means and take some risks instead. We didn’t buy sports cars and fancy clothes. We put all of our money back into the business and back into myself through masterminds, coaching, and taking courses. That got us to where we are a lot quicker, I believe. That doesn’t mean we will never drive nice cars or buy nice houses, but on the whole, we still live below our means. It’s paid off in getting us to where we are today. And I think the ability to delay gratification is a good practice in general.

What has surprised you most about running your own business?

The intricacies of each industry have been surprising. You think you know about podcasting, but then you get past that surface information and it keeps going deeper and deeper. One of the biggest pieces of feedback I get from coaching people is that they didn’t think there was this much they needed to know about podcasting. There’s always so much more to learn in any space, and podcasting is no exception. Neither is software, which is what I am learning now!

What exciting projects are on the horizon?

Launching Guestio! We’ve got some incredible guests already lined up who have agreed to be on the platform, including Manny Pacquiao, John Lee Dumas, Angie Lee, and Ryan Levesque. When the platform goes live, people will be able to book them and others. I’m excited to finally share Guestio with the world!

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