Interview of Thelightarchitect

Interview of Thelightarchitect

In 2020, where the world is dealing with a pandemic, many talented people appear and get fame. If we talk about photography, this profession needs a lot of expertise and experience. Therefore, today, we bring the interview of the well-known Italian photographer, Luca Boschi aka Thelightarchitect. Let’s start a conversation.  

Could you please tell us what your Full Name is? 

My name is Luca Boschi, but people recognize me with the name of Thelightarchitect.

Could you please describe your company’s unique characteristics or attributes or its products and services that you feel would be newsworthy?

In the answer, he smiles and said:

When I publish photos over my socials, I do them by collection. Like d&G, CK, Armani do their collections for winter, summer, I make collections of photographs, a sort of art installation over socials.

The dark themes which I like most are my characteristics, experimental photography using innovative products, or even using unusual ways of light up the model/object, such as the super-secret technique I called “Shadow Weaving”, in which I weave the shadows out of the light on the set.

What do you think would be your target audience?

He said:

My target is fitness models, fashion brands, underwear brands, and art galleries because they will give more chances to explore the world of fashion, and I have good practice in this niche.  

What do you think about which thing makes you separate from your competitors?

According to him:

Mostly, it’s because I pay maniacal attention to particulars. In each shoot, including photo-shoot, I think the lights can do everything in each set.

He is a camera person. Therefore, he knows how to play with dim and dark lights. After some professional questions, let’s ask something casual.  

How did you spend your time under quarantine?

He replied:

I spent my time alchemizing new ways of using the light, trying in the studio with a mannequin, I discovered some materials I can use with studio flash, which create a unique effect. The material is a prismatic sheet which decomposes light just like a prism. I’ve not used this on my recent shoots because it has to be perfect, but I will in the next months.

He never wastes the whole quarantine period in other useless activities but spends most of his free time getting the camera expertise. As we all know, it’s not easy to keep the artist away from his profession because it’s his first and last love for sure.

Please give some view about COVID-19:

He answered:

My view on the COVID-19 pandemic is a bit more different. However, I won’t get into that. We need to come together as people and spread more love. We have learned a lot from this pandemic. We are all one, no matter what.

Long story short, he never wastes his time, and during the whole pandemic, he continues his struggle with his professional cameras. Luca Boschi is not just a name, but it’s a brand now. You can follow him on his Instagram account, where he used to post all his recent work. You will get the idea of his expertise after witnessing some of his work’s collections.