Hair extension from Olga Turkina: the quality that America trusts

Hair extension from Olga Turkina: the quality that America trusts

Do you dream of gorgeous hair, but you can’t grow it yourself? You need the help of Olga Turkina!

High-class master Olga Turkina has provided hair extension services to more than 25.000 people, who call her a wizard. And it is not hard to understand why.  

Let us find out together how it started. 

Olga Turkina was born in Ukraine, in 1989. Shortly thereafter, she and her parents leave for a small town in the country’s eastern part, where she grew up and finished school. 

“Our family was a low-income one. My mother was a confectioner by profession and raised me alone. Considering that she was always at work, I became independent very early,” Olga Turkina tells of her childhood.

Right after school, the young girl joined the St. Petersburg University of Economics. But in the process of studying she realized: without connections she can not find a good job. Since it was necessary to constantly help her mother, who was diagnosed with cancer, 20-year-old Olga Turkina turned her attention to the beauty industry. She got particularly inspired by hair extensions.

“It was a delight! The first association in my head was with a time machine: you envision it, jump there for two hours, and here you are in your wonderful future, where you have long, beautiful, and shiny hair. I was very inspired by my new hobby and quickly decided that I wanted to do hair extension. It’s a true art for me,” Olga Turkina said.

Olga Turkina searched a lot on the Internet, wanting to master a new profession as soon as possible, but she found only a few beauty salons that provided such services. 

“It’s not surprising, because 13 years ago, hair extensions were just beginning to become a trend. Today it is a must-have and part of the image, but back then people were skeptical about it, and not everyone agreed to do hair extension. Also, the extension method was worse than now,” Olga Turkina remembers. 

Guided by the rule “He who seeks will always find”, Olga began to look for courses in hair extensions. She found a couple of courses and enrolled in all of them! She worked so fanatically, that she ended up sacrificing sleep and rest. 

Straight from the lessons at the university, the young girl rushed to other lessons and went deep into another world, which she found magnificent. She absorbed all the new knowledge, bombarding her teachers with questions and finishing her lessons at night.

“Now I know about all trainings, seminars and training programs. I choose the most interesting, and once a year I visit them. From time to time I fly to different countries. I always know the trends”, – Olga Turkina emphasizes.

In 2015, Olga Turkina met with Tatyana Broncalova, the founder of the biggest studio of hair extension in Russia, WOWVOLOSY. Olga was 26 years old at that time and she already had 5 years of professional career behind her back. 

“I consider Tatyana Broncalova as a guru in our profession. I was lucky to have lessons with her. I have fully established myself as a master with her. And I understand that the uncompromising quality of service is absolutely my way,” Olga Turkina adds.

The secret of Olga Turkina’s gorgeous hair

Olga is an esthete by nature, and so 13 years ago she decided that none of her clients would leave her dissatisfied. That decision became the rule she follows to this day.

“People come to my studio to change, to get prettier, and to become more self-confident. A presentable appearance is a visiting card of a person. If they look good, all doors are open for them. It opens a lot of opportunities in front of them. My task, as a stylist, is to make the client look in the mirror after the procedure and say: “Wow! Is that really me?” For me personally, this is the highest compliment,” Olga Turkina admits.

In 2017, Olga Turkina moved to New York and opened a small beauty studio in Brooklyn. Today, to get into the chair at the master, you need to get on the waiting list.

Hair extensions by Olga Turkina in America are a guarantee of impeccable quality and long-term results. To achieve this effect, the master has developed a number of unique techniques, thanks to which donor strands look natural and last 8-12 months longer than usual.

When it comes to hair extensions, nothing is impossible for Olga Turkina. She knows everything about hair! And therefore, she prefers to work only with natural ingredients.

“I care about every client. It is important for me that human health is not affected, so I use only high-quality materials and safe methods of hair extensions. This is my categorical principle,” Olga Turkina says.

By the way, when Olga Turkina came to America five years ago and demonstrated her own development, she created an incredible sensation.

“I offered American clients something that no one had offered before me: nano and microcapsules with a specific size for each client,” Olga Turkina says.

In addition, each visitor to LUXHAIRNYC HAIR EXTENSIONS can be absolutely sure that the strands with which Olga Turkina will turn their thin hair into a luxurious “lion’s mane” will be dyed specifically for them.

“Yes, besides the fact that we use the smallest capsules and the best hair, we offer our clients the coloring of donor strands according to individual needs,” Olga Turkina confirms.

In the Olga Turkina ‘s studio, you can also order hair recapsulation.

“In America, people get hair extensions, wear it for three months, and then throw it away and buy a new set. But since our donor hair is of the highest quality, we recapsulate it and put it anew. My clients are simply shocked that recapsulation is generally possible,” Olga Turkina laughs.

Best value for money from Olga Turkina

Hair extensions are an expensive service. But Olga Turkina also solved this issue in her own original way: given the individual approach and the possibility of recapsulation, the cost of hair extension services varies depending on the degree of complexity.

Since the hair extensions by Olga Turkina have a truly long-term result (they are worn for six months or a year, unlike the traditional 2-3 months), every cent spent pays off with interest. This is an incredible offer in the US beauty market.

Of course, the master does not reveal her secrets, but the continuous flow of clients, scheduled for six months in advance, speaks for itself. At the same time, Olga Turkina’s clients are not only New Yorkers. A lot of people who want to get hair extensions from Olga Turkina come from other cities and states of America.

Olga Turkina does not divide people by their social status. She treats everyone with respect and professionalism. And she perfectly sees the difference between price and value: “I can get hair extensions for cancer patients for free, for example. Every day we fight for the life of my mother, who was given a terrible diagnosis, and therefore I understand very well how important it is for people with such a verdict to feel more or less tolerant in society, not to attract attention, and not to arouse pity. I am well aware of the cost of chemotherapy and rehabilitation after it, so I see no problem in helping a person in need to become a little more self-confident.”

In the near future, Olga Turkina is going to Hollywood.

“Using my vast experience and developed techniques, I am confident that I can offer celebrities the best results at the highest level. For me, professionally, nothing is really impossible, so any wish of a star client will be fulfilled with an impeccable result and the best quality,” Olga Turkina promises.