Want to become the best version of yourself? “Diamond Advanced Aesthetics” will make it happen! 

Want to become the best version of yourself? “Diamond Advanced Aesthetics” will make it happen! 

It is a natural human desire to want to be attractive, regardless of age, gender, or social class. But beauty doesn’t last long if it’s not taken care of. Even a daily beauty routine isn’t enough. We need the help of professionals in aesthetic medicine. Like jewelers, they are capable of enhancing and preserving your natural beauty for many years to come. 

There is a reason that ultra-modern medical spa “Diamond Advanced Aesthetics” has chosen “Shine Bright Like a Diamond” as its motto. The spa’s owner, Julija Dimante, a certified medical professional with 10 years of experience in aesthetics, has carefully selected a team of professionals who  enhance the natural beauty of her patients like precious gems day after day.  

What makes Diamond Advanced Aesthetics unique is its adherence to a few rules. 

Rule #1 – Each product and service is tested by the Diamond Advanced Aesthetics team before it is offered to customers. “We have to make sure that everything is safe and produces the results we want,” says Julija Dimante. 

Rule #2 – No quick fixes. We build long-term relationships with patients. “Beauty isn’t a one-time procedure – it’s a lifestyle. It’s impossible to get what you want by doing something once and forgetting about it. Physical attractiveness consists of a whole spectrum of interrelated areas that require a systematic, professional approach,” Julija Dimante is convinced.

Rule #3 – Professionals are always improving themselves. The Diamond Advanced Aesthetics team never stops learning. We regularly attend trainings and conferences on aesthetic medicine, and are always up-to-date with current trends and innovations,” Julija Dimante proudly announces. 

The Diamond Advanced Aesthetics medical spa is indeed known throughout New York City for using certified products and the latest technology. And, of course, each patient is given a customized approach. 

“We don’t give everyone the same beautiful look. We’re all about personalizing our procedures according to each person’s facial anatomy and natural features,” emphasizes Julija Dimante, who kindly agreed to answer a few more of our questions.

Your patients are very beautiful people.” 

“Beauty comes from within, first and foremost. We help that inner beauty come through in a person’s appearance. 

This approach can be applied to a young girl who hates looking in the mirror because of her acne scars, or an adult woman who feels 20 at 40, or even a man who doesn’t like the quality or pigmentation of his skin. 

We help everyone who wants to become the best version of themselves, inside and out.” 

Do you always immediately know how to work with someone who comes to you?”

Our job is to understand the patient’s pain and find out what is preventing them from feeling confident. 

First, we focus on achieving ideal results based on what the patient wants, after which we discuss further possible improvements. This is how we gain a patient’s trust – by understanding what they would like to change or how they would like to see themselves, and delivering aesthetic results.”

“Is that the secret to Diamond Advanced Aesthetics’ success?” 

“Our team’s secret is the sincere love we have for what we do and an unceasing desire to improve each day. Nobody is perfect, but we try to be.”

“The beauty industry is a tough business. Are you at all bothered by competitors?” 

“No. The only thing that worries me is when a provider is unlicensed, working in non-sterile conditions, or using low quality or even fake products or devices. They not only drive down prices, but they cause irreparable harm to patients and give the entire industry a bad reputation. Our goal is to work towards results without being careless.”