He Was Ahead Of His Time, Now He’s Back – Persia Grai

He Was Ahead Of His Time, Now He’s Back – Persia Grai

It’s been three years since Michael Greene aka Persia Grai became a viral sensation with his song ‘Juice’ overnight. More than a thousand days later we are pretty sure if the song came out yesterday, Persia Grai would have shot to superstardom.

The reason for that is simple. Popular new apps like Triller and TikTok, but also Instagram reels, have given a new space for catchy chorus and hooks, catapulting certain songs into the sphere of viral shared content. The song, that gained over a hundred thousand clicks over night in 2017, would have probably reached millions today.

The apps have created a new space for catchy hooks and choruses and especially hiphop and rap have benefited of the viral-potential of the fast spreading content on the app to a significant degree.

But Persia Grai is more than just catchy hooks and his approach to making music is definitely way beyond the commercial purpose it could serve.

A true artist, the prat black, part Puerto Rican has always included a huge range of diversity and different influences and skillset in his music.

We think, to an extend, too many at the time. Hip-hop has been a closed of culture for a long time, and an artist as versatile and authentic as Persia Grai has had to come a long way in the old school driven city of Detroit.

For him to be able to open Festival stages for greats such as Big Sean or Travis Porter before the age of 20 is a huge statement.

Persia Grai is known for a strong delivery – live and in the studio.

Now he’s 26 and a matured artist, with a whole different vision. With a creative mind like Michael Greene’s aka Persia Grai’s, why would he settle for average? He’s made very clear that this time he is coming for the whole game.

And while he doesn’t have to put anyone down in order to rise, it will be tough competition for the scene to shine next to this young man when he reaches his full potential. Where plenty of artists tried to make the stretch between the Latin and English market by luring popular features on board, he can do it all himself.

An we have heard that this is a strength he values more than ever and is looking to make it count as soon as he’s back. We’ve dearly missed his clever bars and dazzling flows in the last 14 months, and had been left wondering what the hard working musician was up to. Even on his social media channels it had gone secretively quiet.

Now it seems we are only weeks or months away from new music by Persia Grai and we are more than ready!