Ideal Money plant placement as per Vastu Consultant in Kolkata

Ideal Money plant placement as per Vastu Consultant in Kolkata

Money plants are great options to enhance the vastu of home or workspace as per vastu consultant in Kolkata. However, in order to get its vastu benefits, you need to place it in accordance of vastu shastra rules.

Today, we will explore the ideal placement of money plant according to the vastu consultant in Kolkata.

Vastu shastra acknowledges 2 prime aspects to determine the most suitable placement of money plant. These are; placement in certain direction and placement in particular section of the property. let us check them both, one by one.

Money plant placement as per direction

Vastu consultant in Kolkata acknowledges that each direction has its own specific features and can affect the vastu in certain way, when vastu items like money plant are kept in their zone. Let’s explore how placement in each direction influence the vastu of money plant.

Money plant in South

South is believed to be the zone of Goddess Lakshmi, according to vastu consultant in Kolkata. It also represents fame. Moreover, as Venus is the ruling planet of south, it is associated with beauty.

Thus, by placing the money plant in this direction, you can get hold of wealth, along with aesthetics and also recognition. Vastu consultant in Kolkata, in fact recommends this direction as the best for the same.

Money Plant in East

It is highly beneficial to place the money plant in the east zone. Money plant in this zone can help to expand one’s social circle and make connections to influential people.

Vastu consultant in Kolkata highly recommends this orientation to people whose jobs revolve around making interpersonal connections with clients and customers.

Money Plant in North

As Lord Kuber rules the north zone, it too us consider as auspicious for placement of money plant. In fact, it is believed that this orientation can help bring immense wealth due to blessing of the lord Kuber. So, vastu consultant in Kolkata advices many individuals to pick this direction.

Money plant in West

It is usually advised to avoid considering West direction for planting money plant. It is sort of neutral zone and does not offer much benefits as the others. However, in case it becomes inevitable, you can place money plant in it, but only inside a blue colored water bottle.

Now, its time to explore the scope of money plant in various sections of the house.

Placement of money plant in different zone of the house

Money plants can be placed in many sections of the home. Placement in each section is likely to offer some unique set of benefits to the residents. Let us take a glance at its significance in a few zones of the house:

Money Plant in Bedroom

Money plants are the best option for bedroom setting. It removes toxins from the room and fills it out with oxygen. It helps to offer peaceful sleep and help to overcome the stress and lethargy one build ups throughout the day. It is highly beneficial for those who suffers from insomnia and hypertension.

However, keep in mind that vastu consultant in Kolkata advises to keep the plant a little far from the bed. Also, keep it under sunlight from time to time.  

Money plant in Kitchen

Placing a money plant in the kitchen area can filter the harmful gases that gets produced in the zone. Moreover, it can ensure good vastu of the kitchen, by channelling the positive energies. This can ensure good health for the family.

But you need to ensure the placement according to vastu consultant in Kolkata to make sure it makes perfect balance with the fire element of the kitchen area.

Money plant in bathroom

Keeping a money plant in bathroom is very beneficial to enhance the vastu of the area. Usually, toilets build up negative energy and this addition to the space can negates the ill-effects of the same, very effectively.

Moreover, its greenery also helps to enhances the mood while using bathroom. Thus, vastu consultant in Kolkata highly recommends the same to every home that has adequate space for the same.

Money plants can be kept in many sections of the house, apart from the ones just mentioned above. All you need to do is to ensure its proper placement as per the rules of vastu shastra.

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Description- vastu consultant in Kolkata acknowledges 2 prime aspect to determine the most suitable placement of money plant. Let us understand what these are, in details.