Helping Kids Excel at Math at Home

Mathematics is a subject we all wish to excel in at some point in life. Do you remember how hard you tried to master mental math skills when you were young? Some of us made it possible, while others still run towards their gadgets to do calculations.

Mathematics is essential in daily life for calculations and numeric confidence. It improves a child’s analytic skills, critical thinking, and problem-solving capabilities regardless of how tricky or interesting it gets as a subject.

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You can be equally good or bad with math and still wish your kid excelled in it, by all means, knowing all the hidden benefits.

Here is a guide for you to help your kid excel in math;

Present it as an Easy Task

It is human nature to view something presented to them as a challenge with a sense of fear. Therefore, it’s crucial to understand the need to normalize the intensity and anxiety of your child towards math and address it. Demonstrate it as something that surrounds life, which is typical for everyone. Such an approach will make it easier for them to adapt, learn and enjoy rather than spending time remaining uncomfortable with it. Focus on strengthening their foundation of mathematics, this will help you eliminate significant learning problems, and your child can process the concepts better.

Ensure Timely Revision

One of the essential parts of the learning process is to ensure your kids have a firm grip on previously taught concepts; this makes it easier for them to grasp the next topics. Parents should conduct revision classes with their kids to help them recall and reiterate the previous lessons. Tests and assignments are essential for determining your child’s knowledge about a particular topic so that you spend time on it. Considering the need for examinations, it’s also important to mention how additional pressure can be a setback, restricting your child’s learning capabilities.

Provide them with Sufficient Resources

It is crucial to entice your children towards a particular skill you want to instill in them by making it exciting and attractive. Make sure to buy enough resources to support their learning process, so they do not get bored. Here is a trick for you to maintain their interest; try different mediums to teach them different concepts, such as physical books, ebooks, video resources, playtime, and audio references. Here is a suggestion to get your hands on a self-sufficient resource to help your child excel in math. Math That Makes Sense by Dr. Carol Ameche, Ed.D, has been designed using proven learning methods to make homeschooling mathematics easier and more effective for you.

Plan Your Lessons Progressively

It is not always on children to catch up with the subject. Sometimes, the ineffective structure of the syllabus makes it difficult for a child to cope with what is being taught. Adopting a process-oriented approach to your teaching is crucial; this helps children focus on learning and give their best without worrying about the effects. Alongside this, parents should plan and do their homework regarding the study plan and have it structured nicely, starting from the basics to the advanced stages.


Homeschooling math is not supposed to be a challenge for you as a parent; you need to get your hands on suitable recourses that complement your needs and follow the right path. You will witness a drastic improvement in your teaching skills resulting in improved math results for your child. Get your hands on Math That Makes Sense by Dr. Carol Ameche, Ed.D, and consider your job half done.