The story of Ahmad Taha Kharrat known as AK it is very inspirational to others who have not yet found their way to success

The story of Ahmad Taha Kharrat known as AK it is very inspirational to others who have not yet found their way to success

Ahmad Taha Kharrat knowing as AK is a businessman, motivational speaker and a business coach too . AK was always curious , he wanted to do something huge since childhood. AK has worked with the top luxury brands and helps them to flourish . AK is a well known businessman and a motivational speaker. AK helped too many brands in making millions of dollar by taking their business from hug lost to huge profit. AK invested a lot in himself studying about sale and leadership which gives him the right skills to do business.

AK has left his country and family and all people he knew to build a successful career in the luxury retail management and tripled income of every brand he have managed inside the biggest mall in the world.

AK traveled the world for business and leisure and learned a lot about other cultures and countries. AK built a successful online platform with over 170,000 followers on instagram and helping transform people’s mindset through motivation and personal development. Also he enjoy investing in businesses and watching them grow by implementing business knowledge learned over 17 years of working with top luxury brands in the world.

AK always wanted getting his parents out of Syria to a safer country so they can live a comfortable life, this was the biggest achievement for him. Because when AK was young he promised them that he was going to work hard on himself and make a lot of money so he can help them to have better life and they will never have to worry again about anything in life. Thank God he was able to deliver what he promised and he is extremely grateful for that.Also AK has found the perfect wife from the other side of the world, she is a New Zealander and she has always inspired him and supported him during his difficult journey. AK would like to help more people to improve their life by telling them his story and how one day he was in their place, facing their challenges and he want to tell them that he could not changed his situation in life until he decided to change his mindset and his believes in himself. He always told himself that with the help of the almighty it is possible to change everything around me but, first he needs to change his mindset towards who he wants to be and how he’s going to make it.

Many people from different countries are struggling because of their negative environment which creates unfortunate circumstances and he would like to visit them in their countries, speak to them, coach them and tell them that if he has done that, then they are also able to do that. But they need to know that in life we make choices and these choices can change our entire life.

He inspired a lot of people who have worked with him during his work experience for the last 17 years, he helped them to change their mindset, gain great skills, grow in their companies, make better money and become the best in what they do. Also by leading by example he has many followers online who have seen that if he can be successful and he’s from the same country, then they can also and he’s always happy when they send him messages to tell him how they are changing their own lives . They change their mindset and situation within Syria and also by going to other countries. Because helping others it is AK’s goal and passion in life he created his motivational instagram page @AK_MINUTE2MOTIV8 so he could reach more people in very fast way to motivate them, gives them great advice he gained through his life and work experiences. This page went viral and today he is inspiring more than 170,000 people from different countries

in the world. AK is extremely grateful because of Instagram platform he was able to start and accomplish 50% of his goals and talking to thousands of people without traveling to their countries.

So far AK hasn’t speak in public yet but he has given speeches for employee of private companies around the world such as: UAE, Switzerland, Poland, Turkey, New Zealand and India. In the future he would like to start his first motivational speech in public and the following countries on his wishlist are Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Iraq, UAEand Turkey.

In the future AK have two goals:

1- Opening Retail academic training so he can help, coach and prepare those people who like to be in sales and retail management gain the right skills which will qualify them to start working with retail companies without any experience.

2- Traveling to targeted countries for public speaking and help as many people as he can to change their mindset, attitude towards themselves so they can change not only their careers, but their whole life and families lives.

AK’s favourite motivational speaker is always the Les Brown. Les Brown, is the number one motivational speaker in America was always AK’s role model and the guy who inspired him to become a motivational speaker in Arabic world after seeing him live in Dubai and he told him famous line “You are hungry”. Meaning AK was very passionate and motivated. His motivational speaking journey started 10 years ago from the sales people that worked with him and he wasmanaging them. Directing them to the right path, training them about sales techniques, retailmanagement and how to have a clear vision about themselves followed with goals so they can grow in their companies. Because they worked very close to him and they spent a lot of time learning from him and AK was their inspiration in their career, they considered him as an extraordinary manager who they have never seen or work with before. He remember that they used to speak about him to their friends who insisted to meet with him to take some advice from him about their careers and because helping people was always his goal and passion in life.

He was happy to meet with them and give the advice that helped them to grow in their career. So with time, AK became popular among the sales community and retail companies, that he was the guy who has the talent in managing people, inspiring them, motivating them and the best in sales coaching. AK kept doing that for years until he decided that he must become a motivational speaker to be able to continue and expand his journey of helping others.

His advice to the sales people in order to be an extraordinarily good sales person is you shouldalways work on ( “When you meet with your clients you must sell them something before ending the meeting, if today they are unable to buy your products, make sure you will sell them something before they leave such as outstanding experience and new knowledge about the products”). If you apply this attitude with each client and remain positive at the end of the client visit even if they didn’t buy from you, eventually some other day you will end up selling your products to 90% of them.