Here is How Deon Media achieved Over 100k Downloads for an App Startup via YouTube Influencer Marketing 

Here is How Deon Media achieved Over 100k Downloads for an App Startup via YouTube Influencer Marketing 

With the high level of digital advancement and fierce competition between tech companies, it is not always easy for an App startup to achieve thousands of downloads. As a tech company CEO, you need more than just a great app to achieve success. Your App must have great functions, excellent user experience, and be marketable as well.

Although marketing a tech brand can be tricky, Dmitry Klimovitskiy, CEO of Deon Media, knows how to make it happen. Dmitry and his team specialize in influencer marketing – a process where companies contract with individuals who have massive social media followings to promote their product or service. And thanks to this expertise, one App startup was able to achieve over 100,000 downloads in a short time.

“About 1 year ago, a startup App developer reached out to us and wanted to increase his app downloads. After a consultation with the client, we had a clear understanding of how we were going to make it a successful case. We opted for YouTube influencer marketing since it provides better and longer interaction with the audience. Although it takes years to build a connection and trust between the Influencer and their followers, we made YouTube the best platform for our client and recommended having a dedicated video collaboration with an Influencer,” Dmitry Klimovitskiy shared.

Identifying the Accurate Target Market

Dmitry and his team took the first step to help the client identify the target market. They achieved this by conducting in-depth research and analyzing the client’s App and its potential customers.

“The client knew their target market very well, so they were able to provide accurate requirements for the research. Our team handled everything related to Influencer marketing, research, contracting, and negotiating the fees and contract terms. We helped the App startup outsource one of the best YouTube Influencers, so they could focus on other aspects of the business and ensure that the App was ready for downloads,” Dmitry Klimovitskiy says.

This strategy led to an achievement of over two million views and 100,000 downloads for the client’s App.

Identifying the Best Marketing Formula

Dmitry Klimovitskiy and his team at Deon Media have extensive experience and expertise in influencer marketing. The success of the App startup campaign was a simple marketing formula, that is, a Niche-specific Influencer and a product that the Influencer genuinely likes and uses themselves. As a result, the Influencer’s audience loved the App and started liking and commenting on the video.

Dmitry Klimovitskiy ensured that the App became an essential part of the YouTube influencer’s routine and that the Influencer enjoyed using it.

“It is very important to have a good product because, at the end of the day, that is what sells. But you also need an Influencer who genuinely likes and uses your product as well. We helped our client find an Influencer who loved the App and this was a perfect match,” he said.

The YouTube algorithm pushed the video to the top search under the specific keywords. Up to this day, the client gets a consistent flow of downloads from that video that ranked in the top 1 keywords for this niche, and the Influencer is gaining more subscribers. This marketing formula blends with the app startup’s idea, and Dmitry Klimovitskiy’s team was able to negotiate a deal that was comfortable for both parties.

Therefore, it suffices to say that Deon Media is all about helping businesses of all sizes build relationships with Influencers from all major social media like Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Twitch. In turn, this leads to an increase in brand awareness, more customers or clients, and an overall boost in sales.

Entrepreneurs can connect with Drimity Klimovitskiy through his social media links and visit Deon Media’s website for more information.