Wendy’s launches a new cold Strawberry Frosty flavor with perfect timing for summer

Wendy’s launches a new cold Strawberry Frosty flavor with perfect timing for summer

In the event that you are lamenting not making the most of new strawberries this spring, Wendy’s simply declared the best news you’re presumably going to hear throughout the week: another Strawberry Frosty is hitting menus with perfect timing for summer.

Monday, June 6, the Ohio-based burger organization tweeted a teaser that showed the top of a delicate pink ice cream-like confection. In the replies, they affirmed what it appears thousands were expecting: The new Frosty flavor is now in stores.

In a statement, the organization affirmed the new Frosty flavor, the first in three years. Birthday Cake Frosty, which was released in 2019 for the brand’s 50th anniversary, was just accessible for a limited time. Strawberry Frosty appears to be bound to follow that way, with the statement calling it a “limited-time” offering.

Wendy’s says the Strawberry Frosty is the “most-requested item,” and Frosty idealists will be excited to realize they can expect a similar super-smooth experience with the new flavor. Wendy’s depicts the sweet pink treat as “creamy, delectable texture Frosty fans know and love.”

The Strawberry Frosty briefly replaces Vanilla Frosty on menus from one side of the country to the other. Vanilla, which was released in 2006, was just the second flavor since the original Chocolate Frosty launched in 1969. So while fast-food ice cream competitors like McDonald’s regularly release new flavors to attract individuals back to their McFlurries, Wendy’s keeps their contributions restricted to what they know and can do best. (Indeed, and they transform it into special things Frosty cereal.)

The Strawberry Frosty isn’t totally new, in any case. The flavor was briefly accessible on menus in Canada in 2021, and U.S. restaurants tested the new flavor at select locations last year, as well. Refering to the achievement and customer requests, the Strawberry Frosty is presently accessible across the country.

In the event that you honestly love strawberries, you’ll likewise be excited to realize Wendy’s is bringing back their seasonal Summer Strawberry Chicken Salad for the third year. It’s hazy the way that long both will be accessible, so to attempt one or both, get to your closest store as quickly as time permits. The limited-time menu items are accessible to order online or in the mobile app.

“We’re always listening to our fans and as the most-requested item, it was a no-brainer for us to bring the Strawberry Frosty to the menu this season,” said Carl Loredo, Wendy’s chief marketing officer, in a statement. “While some of our competitors are still trying to get their ice cream machines to work, fans can dip into this new strawberry treat all summer long at Wendy’s.”