Herry Nakum promises to bring international fame to Dhollywood

Music is the language of the soul; anyone can communicate with songs even if they don’t understand the lyrics. Young pop stars and singers are revolutionizing their local music industries by adding a flavor of international music to folk songs. Herry Nakum plans to do the same. He is a young and talented singer from the land of Gujarat who is changing folk culture not only in his state but in the country in a holistic manner. Possessing a strong understanding of folk culture and music, Herry is taking the beautiful art of Gujarati folk to a global level by modifying these tracks.

Henry has a huge fan following on his Instagram account as well as on YouTube. This talented singer has not failed to gain the appreciation of the youth of the country. Keeping traditional folk culture alive is extremely important; however adding a little spice of modernity won’t hurt anyone. Herry, therefore, follows this philosophy in his work. His unconventional approach to music has made a place in the hearts of millions. Latest hits like Gujarati Mashup and Gujarati Love Mashup have brought this young singer under the spotlight, which plans to use this as an opportunity to take Gujarati music on an international level.

His pure talent has received more recognition when he sang covers for different songs like Navlakh Nejadi. These tracks are always trending and the views reach 1 million within a few hours. Therefore, it is clear that Herry Nakum has successfully influenced the youth with his music and lives for folk culture. His mesmerizing and tranquil voice has added a new chapter to the Dhollywood music industry. At 20, he has achieved immense fame through his musical skills and talents. The young and dedicated singer has never forgotten his roots and relies on his strong understanding of Gujarati folk music to come up with catchy tracks.