Model Katia Jundi: “Being selected as Goerg Jensen’s brand ambassador was an honor”

Model Katia Jundi: “Being selected as Goerg Jensen’s brand ambassador was an honor”

It is the time of the influencer now. And it didn’t just start with the pandemic either, but has been going on for quite some time. Ever since people started using social media, in fact. But with the pandemic raging this year and confining us to our homes, people everywhere are beginning to rely on influencers like Katia Jundi to help us with the blues. Jundi, a model and influencer, has had enough experience being called high-profile, and has enjoyed the luxury of the finer things in life. Recently, she became the brand ambassador for Georg Jensen, the Danish silversmith and designer.

As a celebrity influencer and an organizer, Jundi’s work keeps her in the public eye. As an organizer, she has played the host to several grand events. As recently as last year, she co-hosted the charity event for SOS Children’s Villages for Ramadan Suhoor to raise money for the children’s charity. Along with her co-hosts, Jundi made two trips to witness firsthand the help undertaken by the charity for children in villages. Jundi regularly hosts events for charities like these. She was chosen by the charity to headline their activities due to her continued efforts in the field of charity and her philanthropic endeavors.


Her peak achievement to date, the one that she is proudest of, is becoming the brand ambassador of Georg Jensen. Her work with charities and NGOs has made her a popular figure in the Middle East. She annually hosts and organizes award ceremonies as well as various luxury events for best performance watches and jewelry brands. This brought her additional fame and brought her to the notice of prominent people who understood her potential to be impactful via social media.

Her presence on the internet as an influencer was enough to ensure her selection as the face of Georg Jensen. According to Jundi, luxury and art are methods to understand the function of the world around us. She developed her interest in art and luxury to show the world the exquisite work and craftsmanship that went into the making of these high-end products. As an ambassador, she was able to use her skill as an influencer to promote the products from Georg Jensen. Her work continues to take her to new heights. It is all but a waiting game for Jundi to see how far she can now go.