How a Real Estate Broker ‘Lailan Bento’ leaves a positive Mark on her Community

How a Real Estate Broker ‘Lailan Bento’ leaves a positive Mark on her Community

Take a moment, and a breath, and think of the place you call home.

What comes to mind? More likely than night numerous memories, feelings, and experiences that have shaped you into the person you are today.

Looking back, has your home changed? Probably. Are you happy with those changes…

Nowhere has changed quite as much as Lailan Bento’s home of Hawaii.

A renowned real estate broker and marketer this Rookie of the Year award winner is an experienced real estate professional and the principal broker at ‘Hawaiߵi Development Group’, looking to give back to the place that she calls home.

This Hawaii-born girl began her career working in the local governor’s office, gaining unparalleled experience in community service. She also worked hard to establish her presence as a dedicated, honest, and committed woman in the business world, and following years of service in the governor’s office, she left to co-found Hawaiߵi Development Group.

Reflecting on the memories of her childhood and witnessing the rapid changes happening today, she has chosen to dedicate part of her career to giving back to the community that helped raise her to become the person she is today. Through her leadership, her company has built a reputation for offering affordable and sustainable homes to residents.

“Giving back to my community is important to me, and I consider this a responsibility of mine,” she said.

Admittedly, Lailan says she has faced many issues in her attempt to make a difference to her ever-changing home. Noticing there was a definitive large age gap between fellow realtors and the local community, she had to overcome many a challenge to make a space for herself and have her voice heard so that she can assist in building up her community in a way that is proper and compassionate.

Today, she is one of the top Female investors in the Hawaii real estate industry, helping others find their success. Lailan founded a non-profit group that seeks to raise funds to send local kids to private schools and colleges. She aims to help them acquire the best education available and make their dreams a reality. She is also working to become a developer, and has started three new companies in 2022 through which she aims to build sustainable developments while using her skills and financial gains to help her community.

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