The Complete Guide To Hand-Tied Hair Extensions

The Complete Guide To Hand-Tied Hair Extensions

There are many types of hair extensions out there in the market. They are available in different colors, lengths, and styles. One of the most popular extensions used by people is hand tied extensions. If you want to try extensions that keep your hair healthy, require no heating equipment, and make your hair look fuller and lengthier, this type of extension is the best bet. Below is the complete guide to hand-tied hair extensions.

What Is a Hand-Tied Extension?

Hand tied extensions are a type of weft extension tied into one’s natural hair. The strands of these extensions are tied to a micro-thread. This type of extension easily blends with one’s natural hair. This is generally considered the best option for a person with fine hair. Also, one can buy them at cost-effective rates.

If one has used these extensions before, they must know how easy it is to use them. Hand-tied wefts are much larger, lighter, and thinner than other wefts. They give a more natural look. The advantage of using them is that each weft can be easily stacked on top of one another for a smooth look.

How Long Does It Take To Apply them?

The time needed to wear extensions depends upon several factors. As far as hand-tied wefts are concerned, it can take about a few hours since a lot of planning is involved to ensure each weft is placed in the best possible spot. The total procedure may take at least six to seven hours.

Installation and Maintenance

Generally, two to three wefts are sewn together into each row. After the first installation, one can use them for approximately six to eight months. Although depending on one’s hair growth, they will have to visit the parlor every six to ten weeks.

How Much Do They Cost?

Costs may differ for different locations. A person’s hair goal is also important in determining the cost. Usually, the price starts at around $250 and can go up to a few thousand dollars. If one’s objective is to get greater volume, they will normally require 6-8 wefts, and those with thin hair may need to buy double the amount of weft packs, so they can expect to use up to 10 wefts.

One may need to pay a minimum of $120 to tighten or push up one row, and the price will increase depending on the number of rows needed. Before investing in it, get professional guidance from a stylist.

Do they Work Well With All Hair Types?

Yes, these extensions work well with all hair types, be they straight or wavy, and provide beautiful results. Since curly hair heads have a unique texture, it is recommended for them to opt for sewn-in wefts.


Changing the hairstyle can make one look like a completely different person. From luscious long locks to sleek bob cuts and from asymmetrical cuts to straight hair, one can get all different types of hair with these extensions.

Everyone loves hair extensions. They give a natural look and help in increasing the volume of natural hair. They have multiple other benefits, such as allowing a person to experiment with different hairstyles. Also, they are quite easy to maintain and use.

Hand tied hair extensions can help one achieve their hair goals, no matter whether they want to increase volume or length. They do so while keeping one’s hair strong and healthy. These types of hair wefts are safe to use and deserve a worthy recommendation.