How Brandon Brice is Helping the Youth of America

How Brandon Brice is Helping the Youth of America

Brandon Brice is now playing a critical role in education and youth development programs in Michigan and across the U.S.

Brice is a political commentator who has experienced tremendous success in the media industry.

He’s known as the political expert who served as the Director of Education and African American Affairs for Governor Chris Christie.

Brice’s website reads: columnist, commentator, conservative and features a lot of his outreach work and the positive contributions he’s made to his country and community.

Now, Brice is part of the Michigan Political leadership program at Michigan State University and is also leading new community initiatives in Michigan.

Brice was recently featured in the Harvard University blog about his involvement with the political leadership program at MSU and his urban advocacy regarding policy.

Brice gave an interview with CW50 Detroit on June 14th about his involvement with the Boy Scouts of America.

“I oversee our exploring programs, which works with a lot of our early workforce development groups,” says Brice.

Brice says he focuses on getting youth involved in the scouting movement as well as new scout masters and leaders.

Brice’s says it’s his priority to continue building the rich 100-year history of the group and help the youth of America.

Dwight Ellis, a member of the Boy Scouts of America who sat beside Brice in the CW50 interview says he enjoys the group.

Ellis says he likes the summer camp program offered by the Boy Scouts of America.

“We go to different camps per season. There’s so much to do and you can work on merit badges,” says Ellis.

Brice says the Boy Scouts of America has been in the mentorship business for a long time.

“Part of it is creating a group of men who are teaching kids about being good characters and being good citizens,” says Brice.

Brice says one of the greatest purposes of the Boy Scouts of America is to get men involved in their children’s lives.

The scouting movement aims to support youth who may have never had a chance to get involved in the past.

“We want to give them a fighting chance,” says Brice.

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