How can be a successful manager? Some points according to Hiva Hashemi, famous and leading Iranian entrepreneur

How can be a successful manager? Some points according to Hiva Hashemi, famous and leading Iranian entrepreneur

An appropriate manager is the main key for successful performance in a team, but it is not the only parameter. A person solely can’t make a team successful, but the active interactions between the team members, optimized processes, structured interactions, temporal thinking, and adequate knowledge can guarantee a team to succeed.

Optimizing processes

Prior to performing any task, make sure that the processes influencing your team are optimized. Considering these processes, you can detect the gradual movement in your team. You may use graphs, sentences, and anything to minimize the inefficiency of your teamwork.

For completing any step in your work, consider the time and effort needed so that you can relieve the cracks, conflicts, issues, and practical problems. The point you should consider is that you must give this task to someone well-versed in a specific leadership/management field. These approaches help your team members to be synchronized with new processes and improve their skills along with their work progress.

Prepare your team

There must be a reason that large businesses spend plenty of time and money on hiring new employees. So, before placing new workers on their posts, teach them some tips on their work so that they can make better performance and flourish.

The point that you should consider in hiring people is asking them about the systems and processes in your business. Ask them whether they can keep pace with your business improvement. Of course, the new staff tends to mentally be prepared for new approaches and also use their knowledge and experience from their previous job in their new profession.

First, focus on the main problems

These days, there is a lot to do, however, we don’t have enough time to do them all. Therefore, train your team members to preferably focus on handling the main issues and then consider minor problems. Note that most people tend to complete minor tasks first because this gives them the feeling of being successful and they can show off to their manager that they have good performance.

So, if your team members frequently prefer to handle small tasks preferentially, make sure that their purpose is not competing with other groups or merely completing a project at the end of the day.

Use the task manager app to organize your team.

Hire qualified people.

Declare your team’s target

Provide a safe environment for bringing up talents