What is the purpose of entrepreneurship? Interesting remarks by Farhad Fakhraei, Iranian entrepreneur and investor

What is the purpose of entrepreneurship?

The goal must meet the needs of the community, the goal must be burning to motivate the entrepreneur to be able to continue his business continuously and without feeling tired to the end of the road.

Farhad Fakhraei added: “My biggest interest in life has been to set unattainable goals for myself and then do my best to achieve these goals.”

A goal that makes you experience failure thousands of times is far more rewarding than staying still and not doing it.

What does independence mean in entrepreneurship?

By starting a business, you own it and you no longer need to listen to orders and advance the goals of others for their success. Entrepreneurs own their goals, plans and successes. Their freedom depends on the responsibility that They have taken it upon themselves.

Is flexibility important?

There are people who can not put themselves in the employee position. Entrepreneurs often look for a way to break down the frameworks and limitations and invent a new and efficient way to succeed. This does not mean that an entrepreneur in less than an hour. It is normal to work if they work much more than other people in the early stages of their development, and this type of work activity is natural and instinctive for them.

What is the path to financial success?

Farhad Fakhraei added: “The passage of time, perseverance and 10 years of effort gradually make the number a success overnight.” All entrepreneurs know that they will not become billionaires overnight, but they certainly dream of achieving financial success. Some of them are looking for a reliable source of income, but some are always improving their business to be more profitable.

What is the legacy of entrepreneurs?

All entrepreneurs are looking to leave a legacy of their own. A brand that will last and be recognized by everyone around the world, a factory that is inherited from generation to generation, or a lasting impact on the world that is not just innovation but It has a beneficial effect on people’s lives.


“How to find innovative ideas for our business?” Ali Haj Mohammadi successful Iranian entrepreneur and thinker

If you are seeking a business to redevelop yourself and become a self-made millionaire through progressing in your marketing, you need to know money-making ideas whether online or in the marketplace. We will discuss and explain this topic in detail. The thoughts and abilities to present theories on running a business that leads to wealth production are called money-making ideas. Many people search for innovative money-making ideas to run their businesses. 

Nowadays, by taking the variety and the massiveness of the ideas for running a business, people don’t tend to copy previous and traditional ways and that is because the market is densely full of some business.

Consequently, coming up with new ideas for starting a business as your main or secondary job is extremely challenging and problematic. The ideas which suit people’s conditions and lifestyle are rare and besides, thinkers and entrepreneurs sometimes express suggestions without considering people’s conditions, so, running those ideas may not be workable at all.

Online business is one of the most profitable with high-income businesses and accordingly, many people are attracted to it and the likelihood of being successful in this kind of marketing is high. So, by learning relevant lessons at the end of this course, according to your specialization and the services you offer, you can run various online businesses with no significant funds.

Specialization of finding money-maker ideas

Being specialized in detecting the money-maker abilities and ideas is not coincidental, but requires adequate knowledge and information on this matter which provide you with the skills to find money-making ideas. You may have noticed people who become rich in a single price fluctuation in the market by appropriately investing in the right fields. Even though, you might not be pleased by their investment and also their effort might seem to be ridiculous. However, they have gained a lot of wealth by being armed with the necessary knowledge and investing after finding the right idea to start a business.


How can be a successful manager? Some points according to Hiva Hashemi, famous and leading Iranian entrepreneur

An appropriate manager is the main key for successful performance in a team, but it is not the only parameter. A person solely can’t make a team successful, but the active interactions between the team members, optimized processes, structured interactions, temporal thinking, and adequate knowledge can guarantee a team to succeed.

Optimizing processes

Prior to performing any task, make sure that the processes influencing your team are optimized. Considering these processes, you can detect the gradual movement in your team. You may use graphs, sentences, and anything to minimize the inefficiency of your teamwork.

For completing any step in your work, consider the time and effort needed so that you can relieve the cracks, conflicts, issues, and practical problems. The point you should consider is that you must give this task to someone well-versed in a specific leadership/management field. These approaches help your team members to be synchronized with new processes and improve their skills along with their work progress.

Prepare your team

There must be a reason that large businesses spend plenty of time and money on hiring new employees. So, before placing new workers on their posts, teach them some tips on their work so that they can make better performance and flourish.

The point that you should consider in hiring people is asking them about the systems and processes in your business. Ask them whether they can keep pace with your business improvement. Of course, the new staff tends to mentally be prepared for new approaches and also use their knowledge and experience from their previous job in their new profession.

First, focus on the main problems

These days, there is a lot to do, however, we don’t have enough time to do them all. Therefore, train your team members to preferably focus on handling the main issues and then consider minor problems. Note that most people tend to complete minor tasks first because this gives them the feeling of being successful and they can show off to their manager that they have good performance.

So, if your team members frequently prefer to handle small tasks preferentially, make sure that their purpose is not competing with other groups or merely completing a project at the end of the day.

Use the task manager app to organize your team.

Hire qualified people.

Declare your team’s target

Provide a safe environment for bringing up talents


Who is a good builder? The words of Hooman Zirobam, an investor in construction and a famous and popular Iranian entrepreneur

Hooman Pirveysi, nicknamed Hooman Zirobam, has a definition of good manufacturers, we will check some of these cases below, stay with us

Who is a good builder? A good builder should be aware of all aspects of his field of activity, be aware of the latest laws of the municipality and the organization of the engineering system, use new and up-to-date ideas to build, and most importantly, a resume. Have a strong. Also, having extensive relationships with first-hand suppliers, to provide quality materials and deliver quality structures to the employer.

The important point in choosing a good builder, for construction or participation in construction, is to carefully consider all the options before us. Because the construction of a house or the purchase of a house, a commercial unit, and especially in metropolises such as Tehran, requires a lot of capital, and a mistake in this transaction will cause us severe financial losses.

What are the characteristics of a good builder?

Having an activity license

Certainly, one of the most important characteristics of a good and law-abiding builder is having a license to operate from regulatory and legal organizations and institutions. In answer to the question of who is a good builder? It can be said that a builder who obtains legal licenses from the Organization of the Engineering System of the country and the Association of Housing and Building Builders of the province where he works, and works under his supervision, is a good builder. A good manufacturer is always looking for quality certifications from standards providers, in order to increase its credibility, evaluate its capabilities and solve its problems.

Having a skilled technical and engineering team

Who is a good builder when it comes to research? We must mention the technical and engineering team of that complex. A good and reputable builder using a team of architects, civil and structural engineers, installation engineers, electrical engineers, interior and exterior decoration artists, support and purchase team from reputable suppliers, in search of the highest quality construction While saving costs.

 Administrative, legal and professional sales team

Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to choosing a good construction consultant. We neglect its administrative and legal team. The appearance of the building may be designed by architects and executed by civil and structural engineers, but all the pre-production stages, including obtaining legal permits and arrangements during construction, and finally planning for the sale and delivery of the document. To buyers, legally done by the administrative, legal and professional sales team of a good builder.

The duties of the administrative, legal and professional sales team of a good builder include obtaining the necessary permits, completing administrative work, document registration, planning for the completion of projects and planning for attractive sales and pre-sale plans. Unfortunately, in recent years, due to the growth of housing prices and increasing demand for the purchase of commercial, residential, office and profit-making units, 2 profiteers have started to defraud people by establishing formal companies, and several cases have been filed in recent years. Formed in the courts. To avoid such problems, be sure to pay attention to this point when choosing a construction company to participate in the construction or purchase of residential projects.

Brilliant track record and successful projects

Many people with years of experience in this field always refer to the review of projects and executive records of housing construction engineering companies. If we ask an experienced person, who is a good builder? Definitely points to the need to review his background and projects.

A good builder, with years of experience in successful construction and carrying out significant and important projects, has established a good and credible name for himself, which is by no means willing to question this name and reputation. A good and reputable builder, at the customer’s request, allows him to visit his ongoing projects to get acquainted with the quality of his work.

Finally, our suggestion for choosing a good builder is to consider the above conditions and take the time to find the best housing and construction consultant.

History of launching the company and the Instagram page of my music below

This page and music company Zirobam was established on June 8, 2017 and is one of the top music pages and companies in Iran. This page has been able to become a large company and collection with a lot of people with effort and perseverance. In this field, he has been directly employed, all the activities of Zirobam Music to expand the music and talents of young singers and to flourish and get better at the professional level of music, Zirobam Music has even been able to support and support this. To a series of poor singers who do not have the financial ability and to bring these singers to what they aim to show the company’s ability in this area


What do Masoud Coverlet, a popular and successful Iranian entrepreneur, say about the characteristics of a successful entrepreneur

Some of the characteristics of a successful entrepreneur are related to his personality.

1. Do what you love: Ask yourself, “What am I made for?” Loving your job will help you achieve career success and wealth faster. Having a favorite job makes you feel useful.

2. Take your work seriously: To make progress on a daily basis, you must prioritize your work. Move forward with long-term vision and conscious decisions, not moments. It is seriousness at work that distinguishes between successful and failed entrepreneurs.

3. Have a plan. As an entrepreneur, have a long-term and short-term plan for your business. To succeed in today’s competitive market, you need to know what you want to do. Having clear goals motivates you to keep working. Another advantage of planning is that you can easily measure the success rate of programs.

4- Learn financial management: You may not need to manage all financial affairs yourself, but as the center of a business, you should increase your financial knowledge as needed. After all, everything you do is somehow related to finances. Familiarity with the financial issues of your business is important because it leads to better financial decisions.

5. Learn professional sales: Learn how to sell and market any service or product you have. Quality products and services can not be achieved without professional marketing and sales. Always look for professional sales techniques. Robert Kiyosaki considers sales skills to be the most important skill any entrepreneur should have.

6. Be customer-oriented: No business can succeed without knowing customers and maintaining their loyalty. This is true for start-ups to large businesses. Business growth is possible with customer orientation. Customer orientation is the best way to increase sales and business growth.

7. Support yourself: Be the best person in entrepreneurship to motivate yourself to progress. Self-motivation is a necessary skill for the entrepreneur. Find ways to motivate yourself. Having clear goals, positive inner dialogue, focusing on current developments, are simple ways to motivate.

8. Have a positive mental image of your business: Have a positive mental image of the present and future of your business to influence your performance. Either way, you need to know what you are doing and where you want to go. There was an idea before something happened to you. Influence your performance with a positive mindset to improve the quality of work.

9. Get to Know Your Customers: Know who your customers are, what they are most likely to be, and what they expect from you. In general, there are three ways to identify customers:

Demographics: place of residence, age, gender, income, occupation (who are the customers)

Psychological: Values, interests and personality (why they buy a particular product)

Behavior: Behavioral characteristics (how do they behave in front of a brand)

You will definitely become a successful entrepreneur by considering these things.


A look at the performance of a successful Iranian entrepreneur, Hassan Ali Baghbanian, CEO of Holding 5040 in 2019

Hassan ali Baghbanian, CEO of Holding 5040, as the top entrepreneur in 2019, during the last year, provided 400 people with employment vacancies remotely in the Psychological Counseling Center of Hamkadeh, as well as in free on-site clothing service of Yaghe company, which is a subsidiary of Holding 5040.

Currently, Holding 5040 is ready to offer job opportunities for qualified job seekers who send the text “807” to the SMS system 10005040.

Public Relations department of Holding 5040, according to Hassan Baghbaghbanian, CEO of the holding, pointed out that over the past year, more than 1,200 doctors and consultants have been working in the doctor application, and this platform is still available for doctors and consultants to make more money for themselves while cooperating and subscribing to the doctor application.


Definition of whale in digital currency and its benefits according to Mohammad Matin Hosseinabadi, Iranian entrepreneur and writer

In the latest workshop hosted by Mohammad Matin, he explained about whales in digital currency. This young entrepreneur also owns the famous CCPost brand, which is very active in the field of digital currency education and news in Iran.

In the following, we will examine a part of Mohammad Matin speech,

Holders of large quantities are called digital currency whales; Because their movements disrupt the waters in which the smaller fish swim. According to Law 80-20 (Pareto principle), 20% of digital currency owners are major capitalists; They hold more than 80% of the value of the digital currency in US dollars.

Only three Bitcoin wallets hold 2.71% of the total $ 4.3 billion in bitcoin in circulation by 2020, and the top 106 wallets hold 15% of the total Bitcoin worth $ 25.1 billion.

Digital currency whales or whales can be problematic for the digital currency market because the concentration of wealth, especially if it is stationary on an account, reduces liquidity. If the digital currency whale moves a large amount of digital currency at the same time, the fluctuations will increase.

If the seller wants to sell digital currency, large trading volumes can affect the price of digital currency, because other market participants are watching the trade. As a result, they also sell, which in turn increases the supply and price of that digital currency.

Mohammad Matin added: “The decision of digital currency whales to fluctuate in the digital currency market is very significant.”

As mentioned, digital currency whale is a term used to describe individuals or entities that own large amounts of digital currency. Whales have enough digital currency to have the potential to manipulate currency valuation and pricing.
Decisions about price fluctuations are always made between whales or digital currency whales. Imagine one day five digital currency whales come together and they decide to sell their digital currencies all in one second.

This can cause the price of that currency to fall. After selling their digital currencies, they buy them at a lower price. At this point, with the profit they make from sales, they buy more digital at an extremely low price.

This brings more wealth than their previous assets. If they continue this trend, they will affect the total price of the currency.

Owners of large quantities of bitcoins, called whales, have become a source of concern for many investors because of their powerful influence in the digital currency market.

According to Mohammad Matin, CEO of CCPost, they can decide to sell half of their assets so they can artificially raise prices beforehand.

In addition, these owners have known each other for years and have the potential to contact each other to move the market up or down.


Dr. Mozhdeh Rezvani makes amazing points about beauty

Mozhdeh Rezvani was Born on August 19th, 1977. She is an Iranian entrepreneur, cosmetologist Member of the Iranian Laser Medical Association. Also, she has the latest educational treatment from the United States with the latest EBD devices (Alex Noblex, Hifu). Here we have a short interview whit Dr. Mozhdeh Rezvani;

In the following, we are at your service with a part of Mozhdeh Rezvani interview regarding beauty

In recent years, the science of skin care has flourished more and more, which is why skin care products are so popular. There are now amazing products that we can use to bring freshness to our skin again. Rest assured that we do not live in a science fiction world. There are such treatments.

Our skin cannot easily store vital nutrients from food, as less than one percent of the vitamins we consume reach our skin. That’s why dermatologists recommend that you take vitamins topically on your skin. Vitamins are like nutritional sandwiches.

Just as we need vitamins to have a strong and healthy body, we need vitamins to have healthy skin.

Vitamin A, if applied topically, can improve wrinkles, tighten the skin and prevent damage from ultraviolet rays. It can be found naturally in carrots, squash, sweet potatoes, green tea and broccoli. Vitamin C is an auxiliary factor in the production of collagen, which if used when our skin is exposed to sunlight on our skin can prevent damage caused by ultraviolet rays. If you include vitamin C in your diet, you can strengthen your immune system against heart disease, eye disease and pregnancy problems. A pomegranate can provide 40% of your daily requirement of vitamin C. Other foods rich in vitamin C include oranges, broccoli, cantaloupe and tomatoes.

Vitamin D treats skin problems such as rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, heavy wrinkles and diseases such as cancer, heart disease, autoimmune diseases, osteoporosis and depression. Fatty fish such as salmon, tuna, mackerel, liver, mushrooms and egg yolks are rich in vitamin D.

Vitamins C and E help reduce free radical damage, harmful side effects of sunlight, smoke and pollution. Free radicals destroy collagen and elastin !!

Collagen and elastin are actually skin fibers that protect the structure of the skin and prevent wrinkles and other signs of aging.

Finally, we must note that the lack of vitamins causes many side effects for the skin. Complications such as dry skin, wrinkles and premature aging, failure to heal wounds, disruption of collagen production, bleeding under the skin and gums are some of the side effects of lack of vitamins needed by the skin. Is.


Tips on time management from Mojtaba Shahdoost, Iranian entrepreneur and investor

Mojtaba Shahdoost, born April 1, 1991, is an Iranian entrepreneur and investor.
Chairman of the board of directors of Sharin, pharmacist Shaygan and
He is the CEO of maftol City and the CEO of ahan 118.

In the following, we will examine the points that Mojtaba Shahdoost has said about time management.

We all know that poor planning and time management can cause us many problems; Of course, sometimes we mistakenly attribute our challenges and other issues to poor time management.

The most important thing to learn in a set of time management and personal discipline courses is that time management is a very general topic that can cover a wide range of challenges, skills, and issues.

Many people who believe that they have a weakness in time management or that they think that they need to improve their time management skills may have other problems and challenges that eventually manifest themselves in the form of weakness in time management.

Do you really need time management skills?

Mojti: Some terms have been lucky enough to become more popular among the people, and time management seems to be in the same group. Danger of overpopulation of some letters and terms

“When I think about what my clients are saying, I feel that most people recognize only two serious problems in the mental and behavioral spheres: depression and hyperactivity,” said a psychologist.

Many clients simply state in their description of one or the other: “I have no particular problem; “Only depression has ruined my life.”

Or they say, “My friend / spouse / co-worker is hyperactive.”

Seeing two or more problems bigger and more serious than other weaknesses and problems may lead us to find a solution to a wrong problem.

Mr. Shahdoost, why do you think we are short of time?

We do not all run out of time for the same reason.

Before we can think about time management and solving our time constraint problem, we need to recognize why we are running out of time.

Big dreams and unrealistic goals

Some of us feel that we are running out of time because of the big dreams we have.

When we decide to become a great human being. When we think of the industrial and economic giants of Iran and the world. When we want to make a lasting impact on ourselves in the field of science and knowledge and culture and art. One of the first things we remember is the time limit. Especially if we think and feel our age, we have not used enough of our life and time to the point that we have come to this point..
. Lack of time may be due to difficulty in prioritizing tasks and activities.

Sometimes, we may feel that the volume of activities is high and we do not know which one is better to set aside for the benefit of which. Or which one to prioritize. I want to study and get the best grade at the end of the undergraduate course. I am also worried about the senior entrance exam and I see that I do not have enough time for it. I have heard that after school I have much less opportunity to study and I want to use this period to learn and develop my knowledge. On the other hand, I work or want to work to pay for my education as well as to gain experience. I feel that all of these are in the same priority and important, or if their priorities are different, I do not have the knowledge or courage to prioritize them. I hope to create a space through time management that achieves all my desires.


Exclusive interview with Mohammad Taherzadeh, a popular Iranian entrepreneur

Today we are with Mohammad Taherzadeh, one of the popular Iranian personalities, join us.

I am Mohammad Taherzadeh, born on February 9, 1981 in Iran, Tehran province, I am an entrepreneur, investor in significant projects, etc.

Tell us a little about yourself.

As a child, I was an enlightened and successful person, and I was responsible and resourceful to teachers, and I always tried to be effective at all times. Because of my interest in work, I started working in summer sports from the fourth year of elementary school, but the goal was promotion, I worked in high school in the neighborhood. I went to my favorite field that was bodybuilding and I found my career in bodybuilding.

My childhood dreams and aspirations were the same ones that I still have in my mind, I did not have any exact plan for my job , but I have achieved every dream and aspiration that I had as a child and teenager. Most of my dreams and patterns are self-raised.

I have been working around the clock for about 15 years and until a few years ago I was in charge of executive works. I am somewhat happy with the failures I suffered because I certainly try not to experience such failures anymore. In my opinion, every defeat is the great lesson of a great future. I will definitely do what I feel is right, but I will not make a move unless I check the aspects well and consider all the angles.

My goal was primarily to make money, but the way I made money was important to me. I decided that the product I produce would have no competitors, be unique, and have the admiration of others, and most importantly, show the ability of an Iranian to produce. An entrepreneur and investor enjoys work when watches each member of his/her team is satisfied and earn money for their families
Excellent, we are very happy that you accepted our invitation in this program, do you have any word for those who want to be beginners?

If you want to succeed in your work, consider the requirements of the society first, not your own needs, and love the work you want to begin. In dreams, as you see success, think of failures, and with the first or second problem of Do not get cold feet, science and experience complement each other when you utilize both.