How Gabe from Legion Beats built a 7 figure empire from his music—and changed the industry in the process

How Gabe from Legion Beats built a 7 figure empire from his music—and changed the industry in the process

This passionate music production entrepreneur has helped many others with new business & marketing strategies, leading them to success.

For some people, they realize their true purpose in life only when they get started with something and understand that their career can offer more things than what actually appears to them at the moment. For this to happen, people need to take the first step towards transforming into something they never thought could be fruitful for them in the long run. The music industry as a whole is considered to be a fiercely competitive industry with so many people entering the same each passing day, not just as singers and musicians, but also as music producers and engineers. We came across one such talented guy called Gabe Schillinger who worked with the who’s who of the industry like Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar, and Too Short, wearing the hat of a music producer/engineer. However, after a decade of working in the industry, he thought he must do something bigger and better for a much fruitful career into the same.

This led towards his second passion after music – into entrepreneurship, where he decided to sell his services online. This new business of his got him great results with ‘Legion Beats’, his music production business. He learned about various useful business and marketing strategies and applied the same that were used by successful firms in other industries to sell his beats online. Soon, his knowledge increased and made him a successful entrepreneur, generating over $200,000 in revenue in just a week. Gabe became the first in the industry who could pull off a six-figure launch.

Last year, Gabe joined hands with Adrian Wood, the multi-platinum producer and CEO of Anno Domini Beats to together come up with ‘Midi Money’. This platform is a community of music producers who have come at the forefront of changing the dynamics of the music industry for the better. Today, Gabe apart from being close to his passion in music with Legion Beats also teaches and guides many other aspiring entrepreneurs in music as well as in other industries for starting, growing and scaling their respective businesses.

With Midi Money, they teach principles and concepts that have proven to be beneficial and that which has worked always. Gabe very intelligently has taken the strategies worked for other industries and with his smart business acumen applied the same to his music business.

Midi Money, a business education platform by Gabe and Adrian has drawn the growth pattern and helped hundreds of music producers to build their businesses, making them successful. In just a year, the company has worked with dozens of producers who have already made 10’s of thousands of dollars. A recent example is of a producer named ‘My Best Friend Jacob’, who passed the six-figure mark using their new technique of ‘The Producer Funnel.’

The platform includes a lot of training, templates and other resources, where they also share all their secrets for the higher growth of others in the industry. This is also the reason why Midi Money is ahead of many others, supporting and inspiring people.

This year, Gabe became a part of Funnel Hacking Live, a marketing conference, speaking in front of 5,000 business owners and marketers, sharing the stage with leading entrepreneurs like Frank Kern, Russell Brunson, Tony Robbins and many others. Apart from this, he has also been featured in case studies of several software companies appeared in popular podcasts and also made his presence in top shows for music producers.

Gabe has put in his everything, a lot of time, energy and focus on building his sustainable business and this has largely inspired others as well in the industry.