How good is Brave’s security system? – Brave Browser

How good is Brave’s security system? – Brave Browser

There is a possibility that you are reading this on chrome, on Firefox or on Opera. Well, why won’t you as these browsers are the big 3 of the web browser community? Giving a chance to the new and naïve web browser surely is not the cup of tea for everyone but what if this new browser covers up the small cracks and breach present in our old famous web browser? Sound interesting? Isn’t it? But the W family questions of why what and how still persists no matter what the official website of this browser persists claims.

We are here for you and their help in this regard. We will answer your all petty questions raising the finger on the brave’s ability to cover up the security and privacy blemish found on every previous website. The Brave software is all about privacy but really how? Brave provides this simple yet complex feature to its beloved users by blocking the hosts of those vexing websites which disturbs the user experience by displaying the clingy and annoying advertisements and pop-ups. You can easily cross-check this claimed feature of brave by clicking that lion icon present on the right side of the URL bar. Clicked it right away? You must be surprised by the extensive list of websites popped up right in front of you just on a single click. Yes, you guessed it right; this is the list of those itchy or privacy-breaking websites, cross-site trackers, cookies and scripts that are blocked by the brave shield.

Not only this, but brave has also hidden your existence on the internet world and you will not be tracked by any website on the brave browser for windows 10. Another interesting feature present on the brave’s book of miracles is that you don’t have to worry about the auto-playing videos as Brave blocks them too. You can not only block any social media website on your brave browser but can also control the cookies and cross-site recognition of the device.

It’s all good but still, are you thinking about incognito modes of your beloved browsers? Brave has something new and more exciting to offer in this regard. Do you know that these incognito modes work only to mask your computer’s physical address and have nothing to do when your packet leaves the computer? If yes, then good for you and in case of no, don’t worry, as brave has solved this problem by incorporating the Tor onion routing framework in the browser. Tor will keep your sessions secure and will provide you the unmatched and transcendent privacy and security system.Read a detailed review on the Brave browser, as well as what other alternative browsers that can compete with it in terms of functionality.

Well, these points were easy to convince the normal person for switching to the brave browser but still, if you are having doubts then you can look into the other exceptional features like speed, BAT and best user interface of the brave browser. You know it quite well that experience like this on chrome or any other browser requires the download brave browser of different extensions but with brave, you just require installing this browser once and all the best features will work for you by default.