Louis Lagasse and the Lagasse Group accelerate medical secure communications for remote patients to tackle CORONAVIRUS

Louis Lagasse and the Lagasse Group accelerate medical secure communications for remote patients to tackle CORONAVIRUS

Louis Lagasse working to Speed Up technologies to support though innovation. The critical situation of the COVID-19

Louis Lagasse and his team from Groupe Lagasse’ Media5 Corporation.’ subsidiary  are moving  to Speed Up for critical medical information communication. Concerning the Coronavirus (Covid-19) in the world.

As impressive in technology developed by Groupe Lagasse’Media5 advanced adapters and gateways s over the last  20 years, Louis Lagassé from Sherbrooke, wishes to offer scientific access to its pool of IP rights, the opportunity to make efficient use of all the necessary assets by leaving a sustainable legacy, enabling people-oriented suffering, alleviating technologies. Hence, this gesture from Louis Lagasse in bringing his knowledge, in the last 20 years, of efforts in reducing suffering and bringing Media5 technology at the service of the people who are presently going through hardship during this time with all the communities around the world.

The overall aim is to share research, coordinate investments and pool resources to find the quickest path to a viable solution vs the infectious disease. COVID-19 is an extremely challenging virus, where remote access and collaboration across borders can tackle efficiently emerging issues on infectious diseases. We must strive to strengthen efforts in the face of COVID-19, and in doing so, continue to make sure technological advances are accessible and affordable to all. Investing now, at a scale and risk and in a collective global effort is vital if we are to change the course of this epidemic.

Some thoughts for Groupe Lagasse. In leveraging its wealth of technologies and presence in over 110 countries around the world, amalgamating several of its award winning technologies in bringing to this world simple solutions, to help reducing suffering by reducing time, bringing together people who are now constrained in their abilities to access adequate attention to their health issues with health care providers in the public and private sector as well as with emergency government and humanitarian services.

Media5 solutions have been trusted by the biggest technology innovators and chipset manufacturers enabling billion of users to interconnect with voice and data overcoming any interoperability and legacy technology barriers.

Our systems are enabling communications for decades and heavily tested in different business environments spanning communication service providers, enterprises, airports, financial institutions and other mission critical operations.

With our award winning Media5 – Secure solution and Management Virtuo system, our vision is to bring relief to human beings afflicted by the ever present and severe pandemics of Coronavirus (Covid-19), by delivering critical medical information in zero (optimal) time using ETS patented QOS Algorithm and analyse in real time patients’ status and presence.

Designed in Sherbrooke Canada, France and Germany and already used as a proof of concept in the GCC Countries.

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