How Google is Using AI and Big Data to make Travel Better

How Google is Using AI and Big Data to make Travel Better

Google has been quietly rolling new tools for travelers, since its acquisition of ITA matrix software eight years back, the changes have some amazing features. By any chances google might be making domination in the travel space, the potentiality to disrupt the hospitality and travel sector with the similar approach to amazons run retail and more recently grocery.

If you look at how Amazon grew to the retail immensely today, Google is trying its best to take dominance in the market place as it enters into travels. Google compared to Amazon has on its hand customers across the world since it knows where they are away from home.

Gmail is playing a great role as a flight and reservation for Google, the unique features of Google are to cater for consumer’s best travels from the time they decide to take a trip. Google gives a better description of the planned trip to the traveler compared to Amazon features.

Although there might be some disruptions, some questions arise on how airlines and hospitality sectors can stay relevant without the great data of the huge tech, airlines and hotels have started disabling their raw information and deploying AI making it a legal ground, though there is a lot of ground left to cover.

Airlines are planning to deal with major AI problems over the next three consecutive years aiming to leverage AI to foresee and warning systems, there are many ways airlines can leverage AI to increase the customer experience and differentiate from other rivals.

On the other hand, hotels are embracing AI making the customer experience better. though Google is trying to make better traveling there is one advantage travel companies outweighs it, this is their physical location touch points this means that face to face interaction gives them different opportunities to make experiences not fictions to their customers.

It is upon Google to initiate a new strategy on how they will be buying physical airlines and hotels to go hand in hand with what Amazon is doing with its purchases of whole food. The key thing for google is to master a stable data now to keep from missing the lane.