How Jason Greer Scaled His Business to Achieve Maximum Success

How Jason Greer Scaled His Business to Achieve Maximum Success

The outbreak of Coronavirus brought every sector of the economy to its knees. Many businesses shut down, and employees lost their jobs. Many companies are now looking for ways to create better working environments for their employees remotely. However, for every success story, there are those who have struggled to make it work amid a new normal characterized by the World Health Organization protocols.

Jason Greer, of Greer Consulting, Inc., has successfully helped companies to create harmonious in-person and remote working environments that encourage maximum productivity while ensuring that managers and employees feel appreciated and recognized for their efforts. He helps companies overcome their internal and external challenges in every way possible. His company provides employees and labor relations services in addition to offering diversity training.

But how did Jason Greer manage to scale Greer Consulting, Inc. to unparalleled heights of success?

Jason’s Early Years

Jason Greer was raised by two incredibly hard-working parents. They instilled within him a strong work ethic, fortified by the philosophy that success can only be attained by a relentless focus on being the best. His parents were among the most hardworking people. Therefore, they instilled an insane work ethic in Jason when he was still a small boy. Jason came to realize the importance of patience while creating the presence of mind to seize upon opportunities both great and small.

Jason earned a Bachelor’s Degree from Valparaiso University, a Master’s Degree from Washington University in St. Louis, and a Master’s Degree from The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Jason served as a Board Agent with the National Labor Relations Board before embarking on a career as an employee and labor relations consultant. Jason founded his company, Greer Consulting, Inc., in 2005.

Jason’s Vision Toward Creating/Scaling a Successful Business

  1. Focus

Focus is the key to everything. Perhaps your business has $100 dollars in the bank (which is exactly how much Jason had when he started Greer Consulting, Inc.) or you have millions, the key to growth is ensuring that you focus on your purpose. Why did you create this business? What is it you want to accomplish? What’s distracting you and what steps do you need to take to remove said distractions? It is important to write out your focus and gear every single decision and action toward your stated goal. For Jason,  his goal was to assist clients in creating work environments that make employees feel respected and recognized and he kept his focus firmly planted on this goal, even when he was scared of failure.

  1. Consistency

For every business or brand to scale, they need consistency. Consistency builds trust with your clients because it creates a sense of familiarity with your brand, business, and what you offer.

The key for Jason was creating strong relationships with his clients by prioritizing their needs. Jason spent time listening to their issues and concerns and then went about over-delivering beyond his client’s expectations each and every time. Over time Jason developed a reputation for being the type of consultant that companies and organizations could depend upon because his work was always consistent and well-executed.


Looking to grow your business? Looking to scale? Then feel free to reach out to Jason Greer! Just remember… You don’t lose focus on your goals. Be consistent in whatever you do, even if you don’t see results immediately. Have a thirst for success and don’t ever stop working toward greatness.

For more information on achieving maximum results in your business, you can connect with Jason Greer on Instagram.