How Nuski Baby Found Her Own Lane as An Artist

How Nuski Baby Found Her Own Lane as An Artist

New Orleans artist Nuski Baby has found her own lane in the music industry. Her passion lies mainly in the Bounce genre, which originated in the very city she is based out of. The New Orleans sound made its major appearances to the mainstream beginning back in 1980. Just like popular Bounce artists DJ Jubilee, Partners-N-Crime, Magnolia Shorty, and Big Freedia, Nuski Baby is on a mission to make a way with her own voice. 

Nusky Baby started making music at just the age of 8, but it wasn’t until her hit single “Piff Gang”, until she really started getting noticed. Despite a rough early start to life, the young creative has been able to immerse herself fully into the New Orleans music scene. From DJing at parties, to performing in clubs, Nusky Baby takes any opportunity to show her skill.

Nuski Baby’s music talents have come a long way. She’s been working with Sissy Nobby, RNR Records, and other artists in the city. Although Bounce music hasn’t made its way into the mainstream yet, Nuski Baby is confident in her sound. She said, “I won’t let anyone change my style because I have a lot of fans who love my music!” 

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