How Rap Artist Compound is Succeeding Independently

How Rap Artist Compound is Succeeding Independently

After beginning as an artist two years ago, LA rapper Compound has already established himself as a prominent recording artist. He has headlined regional events, experienced radio success, and gained over millions of streams. His colorful and immersive soundscapes always poignantly express his inner thoughts, feelings, and ideas.  

Compound revealed in an interview that the biggest challenge facing a young artist is the sheer amount of competition in the industry. His talent for the business side of the industry has allowed Compound to establish a connection with a wide range of known producers, songwriters, rappers, and DJs. His work ethic also sets him aside. He revealed that his daily grind includes, “Getting up early, going to the gym and working out, back home to smoke only some of the finest cannabis from Los Angeles and eat breakfast. After that, it’s usually meetings or studio sessions until I head home to San Fernando Valley. I’m always working because I also have a successful clothing brand, which is a lot of work. So, whether it’s new designs or a new song, I have to push – the grind doesn’t stop.”

He recently released an EP entitled “Cooking Class” with a wide range of features and collaborations and is set to drop his debut album in 2021. Compound relates that he hopes listeners will take away “a piece of my life” from listening to his music.

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