How Salvatore D’Amelio Creates Streetwear That Becomes Iconic

How Salvatore D’Amelio Creates Streetwear That Becomes Iconic

So, what does it take to be among the leaders in your industry? What does it take to create ideal products or a potent brand? Find out how from Salvatore D’Amelio, an Italian entrepreneur who in ten years has built three international brands, Minimal, Make Money Not Friends, The Future. He also has a successful sneaker store called Drop List.

Having a fashion background from his father being a fashion entrepreneur, he followed his steps and influence, drawing inspiration from his work. Through hard work and maintaining his focus, he has established his fortune.

Here are factors and habits that trigger him to create streetwear that becomes iconic.

Passion for streetwear

Salvatore D’Amelio has attained his iconic street fashion through love and passion rather than money. He only makes clothes that he loves to wear. His brands reflect what he loves, which is his strength, for people believe in him through his work.

Additionally, Salvatore is heavy on street life from tattoos, music, and mostly fashion. He further likes to collect designer objects, sneakers, clothes, luxury watches, and cars. This love is a drive for his ideal streetwear.

Seeking Motivation/Inspiration

Everyone has a motive or inspiration that triggers you to work on something. For Salvatore, he likes spending time with young people to realize the market gaps, which he analyzes, and acts on them with immediate effect before anyone else. That is how he comes up with new streetwear and produces the iconic pieces that people crave in Italy. He also finds inspiration from looking at beautiful things that trigger creativity in his making. His motivation is his family and children’s future.

Believing in his capabilities

Like Salvatore advises, he has gone through and is still taking his entrepreneurial journey believing in his projects and capabilities. According to him, one should never stop dreaming, and as long as people have the potential to be innovative and unique, they will surely attain those dreams. He advises on patience and never losing focus.

Salvatore has embarked on his entrepreneur journey with the qualities and attitude he advises any startup. The strategy contributes to his achievement of creating iconic streetwear, standing out in his industry, and highly contributing to its economy.

A team leader

Salvatore has had a solid dedication to leading his team. He works on his leadership day and night to get his team to understand his dreams and vision. He has had that challenge before but has overcome it, and his team now shares the same vision as him. The correlation boosts the productivity in his businesses.


If you have been looking to create your ideal streetwear, you now have the answer. You can now go about your entrepreneurial journey. Through his gained experience and wealth, Salvatore impacts society by creating a workforce and availing products that people crave. He continues to follow his dreams and carry on with what he believes in. You can connect with Salvatore D’Amelio through his Instagram account.