Sezgin Mangjuka spreads light on successful approach towards gaining and maintaining social media growth

Sezgin Mangjuka spreads light on successful approach towards gaining and maintaining social media growth

Social media accounts are often considered to be one of the easiest ways to grow your business as well as to grow as an individual artist. However, it is not everyone’s cup of tea to mark their presence on social media. It is even harder to grow notably on it and the hardest part is to maintain the growth achieved.

It takes strategic actions to gain the desired audience that can help fulfill the purpose of the social media account one has created. There are numerous things that goes as ingredients into the process of making a successful social media account. Right from its creation to its maintenance, the whole process requires consistent efforts.

Sezgin Mangjuka , a digital expert that hails from Prizren/Kosovo, has mastered this art of gaining success on social media accounts. According to him, social media account, especially if it is meant to be a source of income, must be treated like just another business module. Each new follower brings in possibility of future interaction and each new interaction has the scope of bringing in elements that can create business. On asking about this topic, Sezgin says, “I have learnt about social media accounts very hard way. I had to go through numerous failed attempts and multiple trials to finally come up with the five major elements that makes one’s social media account serve the purpose it was created for.”

The five major elements, according to Sezgin, which are source and force of success for social media accounts includes “Entertaining Approach” as it’s very first element.

1. Entertaining Approach

According to Sezgin, whatever field the account refers to, but the content must compulsorily entertain its viewers and followers. Here, the word entertain is used in a broader aspect. As an illustration, if there is a social media account regarding the day-to-day happenings of the city, it needs to be posting contents that is relevant fulfilling the purpose of making viewers aware of an incident of the city and hence entertaining those who come to the space to know exactly what they are being served. Having an entertaining approach will help the account gain new targeted followers as well as sustain the growth achieved. Therefore, it is very important to serve relevant content and entertain viewers with their topic of interest.

2. Consistency

Not only while operating social media account, but consistency is an important element to achieve success in any given field. If one is not consistent in whatever direction the efforts are made in, there is negligible chance of any kind of success. Consistency in posting the relevant content is equally important. However entertaining and relevant the content is served but if it is not served consistently the essence of the account gradually fades away from the mind of viewer. Hence, it is very important to stay consistent in whatever one does.

3. Perseverance

In this world of Technology Transformation and Digital Revolution, the patience level of human has decreased drastically. Every new initiative needs specific amount of time to mark its presence and then it gradually grows. Similar concept applies to social media accounts. Having an unstable mind can do more harm than good to the account. Lack of patience can lead to unwanted actions for quick growth of account which ultimately deteriorate the value and essence of the account. Perseverance can act as a boon into the process of growth. Keeping a track of your growth can help with maintaining perseverance.

4. Interaction

Any social media account without interaction might gain growth in an uncertain condition but sustaining that growth becomes next to impossible. Interaction not only sustains the growth but helps in increasing the spectrum. Interactions specifically feedbacks, helps the account to improve and further helps into the process of development.

5. Ethics and Principles

The last and the most important element that is required for a successful social media profile is to provide and maintain value to one’s account. Again, even this element is relevant in all other fields to gain success. Feelings, ethics and intentions behind the content impacts overall performance of one’s profile. People need to connect and relate to what they watch or hear. Not only it gives the sense of satisfaction and happiness but it shall also provides positive energy that motivates to invest efforts ahead.

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