How Spotify Music & Media Artists Can Get the Exposure They Need

How Spotify Music & Media Artists Can Get the Exposure They Need

Artists at any experience level know that reaching as many fans as possible is absolutely required for success. If you wish to advance as an artist, how your music and media reaches the public is key. is a proven option that helps your projects get the exposure they need.


Good promotion is the difference between a mediocre career and a thriving one. With innovations in technology, it’s easier than ever to share your music. Social media offers an easy option with outlets to spread the word and promote your projects. However, random visibility is only one factor. Other influential considerations such as market trends, platform popularity and competition from similar artists in your niche greatly impact your exposure. For these reasons, achieving greater market visibility can be difficult to achieve on your own.

That’s why has three ways to reach and grow your fanbase:
1. Using Spotify Promotion, your music can be heard on thousands of playlists on the popular streaming platform. Spotify Music Promotion leverages curators who put the playlists together, which gets your music in front of huge audiences.

2. YouTube Promotion allows you to leverage the powerful, well-known video sharing platform with millions of worldwide daily viewers. Using YouTube music video promotion gives your projects a different, but effective option to reach the public with your visual media.

3. Have you ever wondered how to get your song on the radio? offers yet another option to gain massive exposure: radio promotion. You don’t have to rely solely on Spotify’s platform and their curated playlists – you can also leverage over 40,000 radio stations globally! That’s a lot of potential listeners for your music.

HOW IT WORKS simplifies the marketing process by providing analytic tools and experienced, industry-connected support which ensures you get in front of the audience you want at a price that is competitive and fair. Depending on the level of exposure you wish, campaign packages are available and tailored for massive outcomes. Many mainstream artists have gotten to where they are in part thanks to, including Iggy Azalea and Major Lazer.

Promotion for your Spotify songs or your videos promoted on YouTube follow these general steps:
. You submit a contact form on the website (all forms are at the bottom of the page) with the media you want to promote.
. The experts will verify your tracks or YouTube link to assess their quality and genre placement.
. Then they will verify and target your intended audience. Your playlist will be pitched to thousands of curators on Spotify. For a YouTube promotion, you’ll be prompted to choose your campaign package.

Whichever path you choose – Spotify Promotion, YouTube promotion or radio promotion – has a solution for you. For more information, email and to get started, visit