How to be a successful entrepreneur? Words from Ghafoor Ghatali, a famous Iranian expert and entrepreneur

How to be a successful entrepreneur? Words from Ghafoor Ghatali, a famous Iranian expert and entrepreneur

To be a successful entrepreneur, you need to stay focused and believe in yourself, and have faith in your judgments. Sometimes it happens to every entrepreneur that doubts themselves. So, try to take control of yourself in these situations. Try to add some subtlety to your work. Subtlety for a successful entrepreneur can be beneficial, but only when you are on the right way. Before you start you may ask yourself whether you’ll be successful, and this question keeps you in doubt. Even if you don’t have the unquestionable ability and the power and the endeavor of Steve Jobs or other successful entrepreneurs worldwide, still have the power to ask challenging questions from yourself. Questions like “do I have the ability to do this?” of course you dare to enter the profession of entrepreneurship and succeeding in this way. Because you believe.

a successful entrepreneur has a great mind

Success for an entrepreneur is a mental issue. If you want to be a successful entrepreneur in your life, you don’t need to sacrifice everything in a specific period to achieve success. Successful people make a bridge out of everything to their goals and final destinations. At this time, you need to think about the near future and absorb all your attention to it. Having a mind that only thinks of success, is of great importance in entrepreneurship. Successful entrepreneurs always try to have a positive and everlasting effect on others.

Accidents are ready

Successful entrepreneurs are always ready for nearly everything to happen. They know there are things that they’re not aware of them happening. So understanding this fact, they do not go in a deep shock or accidental change and do not act without thought ad scheduling and use every chance that had been ignored by others.

A successful entrepreneur is an ideator

 A successful entrepreneur always has new ideas. In other words, is an idea-making machine. Entrepreneurs believe that not every idea can be beneficial but owners of businesses believe the more they generate ideas, the more chance they have to reach a profitable idea. Successful entrepreneurs despite the number of projects they have completed, spend time generating new ideas and thinking about their next projects.

A short biography of Ghafoor Ghatali

Seyed AbdolGhafoor Ghatali, known as Ghafoor Ghatali, Iranian entrepreneur who owns the brand and is the owner of the Elaxiom Real Estate Broker in Dubai. 

The complex with the administration of Ghafoor Ghatali is one of the registered companies in Emirates and the first years of the establishment had extraordinary progress.