How to become a DJ? DJ Ali Kavousi, one of the best in the field of art in the Middle East, explains all the steps for those who want to become a DJ.

How to become a DJ? DJ Ali Kavousi, one of the best in the field of art in the Middle East, explains all the steps for those who want to become a DJ.

To be a good DJ, you must have a very high level of knowledge of music as well as the ability to lead a crowd. Public relations is very important because with this ability you can listen well and use your equipment to change tracks.



  1. First you have to decide whether you want to become a music expert or just enjoy others. Enjoying others means working on songs that suit the mood of the majority of people.


  1. Music expert means working with songs that you like and have no dependence on people’s tastes.


  1. Buy the necessary equipment. You can work with different CDs or buy a vinyl (with disc).


  1. Find information on all music genres. You are probably familiar with some famous and important songs of several genres, but this is not enough. There are many websites that can help you with this. Usually these sites have songs that you can download for free. You should also know the best songs of each genre because these are the songs that people usually look for.


  1. Download all the songs that you think at least four out of five people can dance to. In this way, even those who do not like that song join the congregation and dance with it.


  1. Play a song that you think a group of friends like. If 80% or more of them said they liked it, then assign that song to that group.


  1. Strengthen your public relations. Try to transform yourself into a person who attracts everyone. If you always want to be in the spotlight, you will not succeed.


  1. Learn party games that can keep a lot of people entertained.


  1. Ask a friend who wants to have a party to do his DJ work for free. By doing this, you can measure the reaction of the crowd to yourself.


  1. If becoming a DJ is right for you, then you will receive offers and you should accept these invitations at a lower price than professional DJs.


  1. After these small parties are over, if you still want to keep doing it, you can partner with a few people who are in the business and start your own business.

Ask the crowd to ask for the requested song, and if you did not know the song, check it on your laptop.


– Try to focus more on genres of music that make dancing easier. Many musicians only benefit from just listening to them.


– Download video clips of some of the songs you want to play. Usually, all party venues have video projections that you can attach to your laptop and play a video clip while playing.

Strengthen your public relations at lunch, where everyone tells a story while eating. This will help you to have a way of entertaining and entertaining a crowd when their energy is running low.


– Divide different styles into different parts. Use softer songs at the beginning of the party, at the meal and at the end of the party. Use louder songs in the middle of the party that the guests want to dance to.


Always have a list of the top forty songs. For this purpose, you can go to many websites that have the best songs to download.


– Look for a good and cool name for yourself and choose it from your personality.

Required tools


– A computer with an advanced DJ program


– A high quality DJ system


– A complete archive of music types


– public relations


– Knowing good games for parties


– Good personality, humorous and not afraid to talk to people.


– Adequate knowledge of your equipment and its limitations


– Practice, practice and practice


– Learn how to speak behind a microphone


– Learning that bigger is not always better.


– Only buy speakers that you can move with your vehicle.

– This means an amplifier that has a high wattage, several disco speakers, essential cables and even a mixer (if you want to use more than one song source).