Introduction to composing from Mr. Ali Kavousi, a popular singer, musician and musician in our country

Introduction to composing from Mr. Ali Kavousi, a popular singer, musician and musician in our country

Composing and composing music pieces for a musician or orchestra.


A composer is a person who composes music. A composer is, in fact, a music writer who, with a complete understanding of the science of music, puts his ideas into writing in the form of music. Composing is not just about composing melodies; Rather, the composer, like any other scientific profession, must study in the field of music education in the field of composition and be aware of various music sciences such as conducting, orchestration, arrangement, harmony, polyphony, counterpoint, etc., which are necessary for composing.


Every composer should play at least one instrument, especially the piano. In fact, in the world of music, due to the need for a lot of knowledge and the scope of composing, the composer is called a music encyclopedia.


The composer determines what tone, in what step, by what sound, in what instrument and in what style (pop, rock, rap, jazz, blues, etc.) is sung. Where the song should be sung aloud or low, where the song’s peak and descent should be, and sometimes it is up to the composer to choose the preferred paragraph (the song’s peak point, which is usually repeated) if it is not specified in the song.


The composer usually uses an instrument to compose and at the same time plays and applies his tone and feeling to the song. Of course, playing the instrument is not mandatory because he can compose based on his skill and knowledge of music without using the instrument and only by whispering and repeating the song.

In professional compositions such as orchestral, the song is recorded as a note and is called a score. But in ordinary compositions, or better to say “melody”, usually notation is done and the melody is made with a recording tool. This can be considered a non-professional type of composition.


The composer must be a creative and artistic person. He must have a good knowledge of the field of music and produce valuable works with great perseverance.

Composer tasks


Writing and producing songs for orchestras, bands, movies and theaters, etc.

Get information about the latest changes and developments in the field of music

Listen to a variety of works by different composers (very effective in inspiring and creating new music)

Composing training

Orchestra performance (musician or conductor)

Perform continuous exercises

Collaborate with people such as arranger, singer, musician and …


Skills and abilities required for composing


Having artistic interest and taste

Introduction to music science

High creativity

Have a lot of patience and perseverance

Proper communication skills


Those who are interested in composing can enter music conservatories from the beginning after passing the sixth elementary course, if they have the necessary conditions and pass the initial exams. Studying in these conservatories takes years and the fields of Iranian instrumental music, Western instrumental music and composition are taught in them. If people wish, they can continue their studies at the Scientific and Applied Music Center after graduating, or enter the country’s universities by passing a pre-university course and passing the entrance exam. There is a bachelor’s and master’s degree in composition in the country’s universities.

Participating in free composition courses is another way that interested people can choose.

What is important to enter the job of composing and succeeding in it is to have the right interest, perseverance and physical ability.

I wish success to each and every loved one who wants to be a composer.