How to Buy Large Amounts of Crypto from an Exchange  

Crypto investments are a hot topic nowadays as many countries allow exchanges to carry out crypto assets trading. Crypto-trading can be a fast wealth multiplier provided you make safe and intelligent investment decisions. One way to earn good profits is to buy large amounts of crypto and sell them when the price is high enough. But the question is how.

In this blog, you will learn how to purchase large amounts of crypto from an exchange.

Understanding Over-the-Counter Trading

Over-the-Counter trading is the best way to buy large amounts of cryptocurrencies. In general trading, the exchange acts as a platform, and you can buy and sell small amounts of crypto. In OTC trading, you might have to buy crypto coins from different sellers at different prices. However, in most cases, the prices are reasonable and lower than market prices.

In the OTC market, the crypto dealers act as market makers, and they determine at what prices they will buy and sell cryptocurrencies and other financial products. The OTC trade is executed between two traders, and other people are not aware at what price the transaction is completed.

The OTC trading route is generally preferred by high-net-worth individuals, institutions, and SMFS that need to buy large amounts of crypto to fill the orders.

How Is OTC Trade Executed in Crypto Exchanges?

Crypto exchanges have dedicated OTC desks designed to execute substantial OTC trades over $100,000. However, not every crypto exchange offers OTC trading, so you need to be careful when selecting a crypto exchange while buying large amounts of crypto.

Leading crypto exchanges offering OTC desks have access to the network of global liquidity providers that allows the exchanges to carry out large volumes of crypto trades with minimal spreads. The OTC desk trades are flexible, and the settlements are instant.

You can access your crypto assets immediately after the transaction is completed. Buying large amounts of cryptocurrencies at crypto exchanges is safe as the platform provides end-to-end service to clients starting from initial consultation, ongoing support, and trade execution.  

How Can You Buy Large Amounts of Cryptocurrencies?

The first step is registering with the crypto exchange by creating an account. The exchange requires you to provide government identification proof, and the exchange also collects other personal information before activating your account.

High net worth individuals participating in OTC trades are KYC compliant. The exchange requires traders to go through stringent verification and authentication methods to eliminate fraud traders in the list.   

After successful registration, you can place an order for a large amount of crypto, and the exchange will facilitate the buying process for you. When the funds are transferred to the seller, the crypto coins will be transferred to your digital wallet connected to your crypto exchange account. You can access your crypto coins in your digital wallet as soon as the transaction is completed.

What Are Additional Benefits of OTC Trading at Exchange?

The OTC trading desk guarantees private, secure, and fast trading of digital assets. In OTC trading, there is negligible slippage, which means the buyers and the seller control the prices and transactions at all stages. In addition, there is no trading limit in OTC trading, and you can purchase a large amount of crypto at exchanges.

Now that you know how to purchase a large amount of crypto, you can register at a crypto exchange and start buying cryptocurrencies.