The Life, Plans And Goals Of Ahmad Mousavi- The Musically Gifted Artist From Iran

The Life, Plans And Goals Of Ahmad Mousavi- The Musically Gifted Artist From Iran

Ahmad Mousavi with full name (Sayed Ahmadreza Mousavi) He is a famous and popular Iranian music artist, entrepreneur, digital marketing, influencer and internet personality. He was born on August 10, 2000, to a middle-class family living in Shahreza.

“I want to make a new sound for the world and do it my own way,” Ahmad Mousavi. “I struggled, but I made a way.”

1)Is there a specific angle you would like this/these articles to cover?

Your Answer: The specific angle for this article would be that anything could be done with the right team and as support.

2) How many music albums have you released so far?

Your answer: So far, I have released 6 music albums with the names (The Gray Album, War , Love , Flower ,Deadly , The Milky Way).

3)What were some of the challenges that you faced and how did you overcome them?

Your answer: Some challenges I faced during the start of my career was that I was underestimated multiple times but I pulled through by working on my craft and making sure my sound passed everyone’s expectations.

4)What successes have you achieved so far?

Your answer: In a short time, I found a lot of fans on Instagram and other social networks and created music that satisfies people’s souls.

5)What are the values/principles that you’ve learned along the way? Which one defines the way you handle business?

Your answer: Some values and principles I go by for my ways of work are staying true to myself and going 110% each time because people are gonna judge and underestimate before u even say anything so move like it’s your last.

6) How do you deal with stress and burnout?

Your answer: A way I deal with stress is with herbal medication and prayer.

7) Can you give some advice/tips to others in your industry coming up today?

Your answer: Some advice I’d give to others in the industry is to never stop working on your craft. Practice really does make perfect and as long as you stay positive great things are to come.

8) What are your plans/goals for your career/business in the coming year/s?

Your answer: My plans and goals for this year is to be a well known artist and get the respect I’ve worked so hard for from across the globe.

9)What are some characteristics that you have that set you apart from others in your industry?

Your answer: I think the music I make is a piece of my soul.  And it’s very precious to me.  I am very calm and I love the music I make.

10)Where did you learn the tricks of the trade? Or where did you learn what you know about your career?

Your answer: I learned from all types of people in the industry from my school of Engineering to my friends and family that also do music and my grateful team that has been supporting me through all this.

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