How to Compound Motivation, Discipline, and Passion for Gaining Extraordinary Progress

The top factors necessary for continuous growth and progress are discipline and passion. However, combining them for extraordinary progress is often hindered by many factors. Including but not limited to unclear goals, fear of failure, external pressures, and burnout.

Regardless, the list of roadblocks goes on and on. Therefore, let’s shift our focus to what we can do to compound the essence of our growth with zero distractions.

People often seek the elusive formula for achieving extraordinary progress in their pursuits. However, the answer to creating a potent mix of the best qualities can be staring at us from within. Even though this seems like a far-fetched idea, John Lee Reed, author of Find Your Flow, shares ways to achieve these goals in his book.

Find Your Passion First

Regardless of how the world works, one must find one passion ASAP if one wants to progress fast and far. To do so, self-reflection should be the first step. Next, follow it up by exploring new activities that give a sense of peace or an adrenaline rush. Yet, set goals to nurture it and persevere through challenges when they surface.

Remember, extraordinary progress starts with a deep understanding of the driving force. In light of this, JLR’s own story is a testament to this fact of life. In his words, he set aside societal norms to pursue his passion despite resistance. Thus, to compound passion, one must develop their own unique interests and talents. In like fashion, Reed did by diving into his art.

Discipline as a Foundation

Motivation and inspiration are always temporary, but discipline is forever. This is the attribute that makes one do the hard work when one does not feel like it. Hence resulting in continuous progress toward achieving goals. Remember that discipline is the skill that keeps motivation, inspiration, and passion alive, along with making them work together. In short, discipline is the binding force for the pillars of progress.

In order to shed light on the importance of discipline, Reed’s book shares his unique stories. The story is full of setbacks, yet the author’s discipline remains unshaken. Meaning that to compound discipline, he never gives up and never forgets what he wants and why he wants it in the first place.


Today, the pursuit of extraordinary progress often seems elusive. Yet, John Lee Reed’s journey in Find Your Flow serves as a guide. In the book, Reed shares that he completely changes his life by compounding discipline and passion.

Consequently, he goes from abiding by societal norms to a person of originality and unique self-expression. Therefore, his story serves as a testament to the power of making all the pillars of progress work in harmony.

Those who seek to embark on their own paths to fulfillment should take a page from Reed’s book. In a word, it helps people make the right decisions when it comes to finding or creating their paths.

Now, anyone can combine the most necessary factors for achieving success. So, read Find Your Flow and take John Lee Reed’s advice for a brighter and better future. Available Now for Purchase in Online eBook Stores Across the Globe.