Navigating Unpredictable Times by Learning to “Go with the Flow”

One thing becomes clear when looking at the whole of human history: life doesn’t come with a rule book of complete certainty. It’s a trip marked by constant upheaval, a stormy sea of negative and positive surprises.

Alteration Is Constant

Our existence is intertwined with the uncertainty of life’s constant flux. It can come in the shape of internal, external, or even global events, and it never gives advance warning. The winds of change, like the tides, can be gentle or fierce. How we choose to deal with this unavoidable force is what determines our path.

Dealing with Uncertainty

The ability to adjust to new circumstances is indicative of strength and development. An open mind and a willing heart are necessities for riding life’s unpredictable waves. It requires stepping into the unknown with confidence and resolve. Those who persevere under pressure are the ones who can adapt to life’s volatility by learning to dance amoug it’s changing waves.

Difficulties as Motivators

Sometimes, the tidal waves of difficulty are what we need to propel us forward emotionally and spiritually. They force us to draw on reserves of power from deep inside, exposing our actual nature. While frightening, these adversities present a chance for growth and change.


The unpredictable tide of change is the yarn that weaves our individual tales into the tapestry of life’s larger narrative. The path we take depends on how we ride these tides and adapt to the volatility of life. Even if change is constant, how we react to it determines where we go.

John Lee Reed’s “Find Your Flow” is a unique combination of art and story telling that provides an  in-depth examination of lessons learned riding life’s unpredictable currents.