How to Fight the Effects of Wet Weather with Mold Removal in Toronto

How to Fight the Effects of Wet Weather with Mold Removal in Toronto

Rain, snow and other water damage-inducing weather can damage your property and trigger mold outbreaks. Get the tips you need for successful mold removal.

In Southern Ontario, there’s around a 30 percent chance of rain every day in September and October? As weather patterns intensify and the likelihood of rain increases, moving away from expected averages, it’s more important than ever that residential and commercial property owners understand the repercussions of rainfall and know how to respond with water damage restoration and mold removal in Toronto. With the right tools, services, and approach to wet weather, be it snow or rain, you can avoid catastrophic damage and maintain a healthy home or workspace.

The Link Between Precipitation and Mold

More often than not, the catalyst of mold outbreaks is water damage. Rainstorms that move through the Greater Toronto Area can trigger flooding, leaks, burst pipes, and other water damage-inducing incidents. When water enters these areas, it soaks building materials such as insulation, wood beams, drywall, grout, floorboards, and other elements made with natural materials. When wet, these areas attract mold spores in the air, becoming a breeding ground for mold outbreaks. By minimizing the opportunity for water damage or responding quickly with flood damage restoration services, you can reverse mold damage and protect indoor air quality. 

Recognize the Signs of Water Damage & Mold

When it comes to mold removal in Toronto, time is of the essence. It only takes 24-48 hours for water damage to turn into the source of a mold infestation. With every passing hour, the scope of a mold outbreak will simply worsen, and so will its negative impact on the environment. Signs of mold start with indications of water damage. If your property has suffered a roof or foundation leak, burst pipe, or basement flooding, contact a leading restoration company in your area for IICRC-certified water damage restoration and cleanup services. If you’re not immediately aware of water damage but notice discoloration on your walls or ceilings, bubbling or wrinkling paint, or an increase in humidity, the clock for water damage restoration may have already begun. These signs point to hidden leaks somewhere on your property. With quick intervention, you can stop mold in its tracks to protect your property. 

If you don’t see water damage, but there is an overwhelmingly pungent odor, there may be mold in your attic, basement, or crawl space. When visible, mold can look like spotted patterns with a velvet or fuzzy texture. To be confident about your mold detection, talk to a trusted restoration team to book a mold inspection.

Why Book a Mold Inspection in Toronto

Mold is incredibly common. With over 500 species detected across Canada, most residential and commercial properties are reported to have some level of mold. Professional mold inspections assess the scope of an outbreak, identify its whereabouts, and ensure a solid plan to eliminate an outbreak. Mold detection is essential to healthy living and healthy buildings. As mold progresses, it contaminates air quality, contributing to illnesses that can range in severity. It also rots building materials that can alter the structural integrity and aesthetic of your home or business over time. To fight the effects of wet weather, spot it, respond to it, and eliminate it with professional mold removal services at Canada’s Restoration Services.