Mr. Soheil Eghtesadi, the controversial YouTuber is here to answer our questions

Mr. Soheil Eghtesadi, the controversial YouTuber is here to answer our questions

We checked your videos and we ask you some questions according to the information we collected

Do you see YouTube as a place for business, or do you just want to share your experiences with people?

When I started out on YouTube, my main goal was making money – you could call me the “money guy.” I wasn’t afraid to try anything if it had the potential to make money and didn’t eat up too much of my time. But something shifted after the first year. I changed my focus from just making money to helping my audience by sharing real-life experiences from successful people. This change was quite unexpected.

You see, I also do business and life coaching sessions, and after a year of YouTube, I wasn’t satisfied with the financial side of things. That’s when it hit me – people were paying me to answer the same kind of questions I should be asking myself. So, I thought about what I truly enjoyed doing. I realized that if I only make videos for the money, it’s not a labor of love. That’s when I decided to shift my focus entirely to making content that benefits my viewers. I made that my top priority, and surprisingly, the money started to follow.

This change wasn’t some grand plan; it was a lesson learned from my own experiences. It taught me that when you create something with passion and the intention of making a positive impact, success often follows – including financial success. My journey from chasing money to creating value for others has been eye-opening, showing me the power of aligning passion and purpose.

Why are people interested in listening to your podcasts, what do you think is the reason?

My venture into the podcasting world took a serendipitous turn, thanks to fortuitous encounters within Persian media. First, the spotlight fell on me through the immensely popular program “Come Dine with Me” (Befarmayeed Sham) on Manoto TV, where I emerged as a victorious contender in the most-viewed episode out of over 600. The second stroke of luck was bestowed upon me by Sepehr Khalse, a prominent Iranian rapper and YouTuber, who invited me to join him on screen during his stay in Vancouver, Canada, due to a unique circumstance he was navigating.

These events laid the foundation for my YouTube journey, eventually leading to my followers requesting that I establish my own channel. My transparency, a rarity in Persian culture, struck a chord with viewers. I consistently share my unfiltered stories, including the intricacies of my financial journey, which has resonated deeply. My inclination towards humor, combined with an unconventional lifestyle of residing in a luxurious home and driving impressive cars without a traditional job, adds an intriguing layer that captivates the curiosity of my audience.

What position do you want to reach on YouTube, do you have financial or cultural goals?

My aspirations on YouTube extend far beyond personal gain. Foremost, I am driven by a desire to elevate Iranian culture, even if this transformation impacts just a single individual’s life. I take immense pride in knowing that I’ve already shifted perspectives and brought happiness to numerous people. Another vital facet of my mission is imparting financial wisdom, particularly to the younger generation, including those who’ve left Iran for new horizons. Having personally experienced the challenges of managing substantial income without a comprehensive understanding of investment strategies, I am dedicated to fostering financial literacy. My aim is to empower newcomers to unfamiliar financial landscapes with the knowledge that I wish someone had shared with me earlier – emphasizing the value of diversification.