How to handle an entrepreneurship in the Middle East successfully?

How to handle an entrepreneurship in the Middle East successfully?

A compact look at the remarkable Dr. Mohammad mahdi Rabbani’s activities, a top entrepreneur and business manager in Iran

Many people think that the Middle East region can hardly be a growing entrepreneurial environment, but in recent decades the region has made great strides in young manpower, and those helped with entrepreneurship in the Middle East.

Increasing the growth of startups in this region has played an important role in the prosperity of young companies so that they can start their own small businesses and solve society’s problems. And it’s important to use all of our weaknesses as a bridge to access our dreamy business; Then this wave of entrepreneurships and its focus on building and overcoming the thousand securities, social, and economic challenges we face in the region will help to paint a new picture of the Middle East in people’s minds.

Entrepreneurs are the starting point of a sustainable development cycle or ecosystem. The definition of wealth in today’s world is fundamentally different from the past.

Yesterday, wealth meant financial resources such as property, gold, cars, and money, but today the richest people in the world are well-informed and entrepreneurial people like Bill Gates, Microsoft co-founder, Mike Zuckerberg, Facebook co-founder, and Pierre Omidyar, the Iranian founder of eBay in the United States.

Dr. Mohammad Mahdi Rabbani is one of the people who have been capable of achieving many successes in the volatile and dangerous market of the Middle East.

This talented entrepreneur and capable businessman, with over ten years of experience in consulting and teaching in business; is also the founder of several businesses and startups.

He always combines theories of the world with his practical experiences in his training. And it pays a lot of attention to raising our knowledge daily.

He received a PhD in Management at most prestigious universities around the world, including the University of Zurich, the University of Madrid and the Polytechnic University of Lausanne.

In Iran, he offers all his courses on the Vidan online skills training application, which he has launched, and holds seminars with Iranian professors and veterans.

One of Dr. Rabbani’s most respected professors, Dr. Richard Meyer in Marketing at the Oxford College, United Kingdom, describes him as one of his best PhD students,

Who has intense knowledge of marketing and made him pleased with his research and lectures throughout his course.

Ultimately, the purpose of holding programs such as skills training systems with more knowledge access and lower costs in the Middle East and around the world; is to nurture the country’s young and talented people, guide them on the path of becoming thoughtful, innovative and creative.

In other words, as entrepreneurs connect knowledge and science with industry and global markets; it’s growing the economic transformation and prosperity of any organ.