How to learn the Quran by heart

How to learn the Quran by heart

Be honest. First of all, even before starting to study the Quran you must pay attention to the intent that drives your decision (remember: good intentions correspond to good results). Be animated with the sole intent of pleasing Allah and obtaining His glorious mercy as a reward in the Hereafter. If, on the other hand, you pursue the purpose of being awarded the title of Hafiz and gaining social prestige, the act of learning the Quran by heart risks harming you rather than favoring you. Then correct the shot and adjust your intentions, constantly reminding yourself as you memorize the Quran that you are doing it for the sole purpose of pleasing Allah.

Be consistent. The more frequently you study the Quran, the greater the ease with which you approach the task, in sha Allah. Consistency is essential, to the point that you have to try not to skip even a day. There must be no weekends, no breaks, if you enjoy learning. During the initial stages, you may want to memorize at least three lines at a time, but the ideal is five lines. By proceeding like this, calmly but diligently, you will come to the point of being able to learn a page, or even two, a day, in Sha Allah. It is also recommended that you attend a school so that you can work together with other students and have a teacher who listens to you as you recite the parts you have learned by heart. The environment helps facilitate the task in many ways:

Follow a schedule. Fill out a calendar with the most suitable times to dedicate yourself to memorization. As a timetable, it is preferable to choose Fajr , when you wake up for Salah , because the mind is fresher and learning facilitated. Also, if you start the day with the blessed action of reciting the holy book of Allah, all the actions of the day, in sha Allah, will be blessed.

Choose the right environment. Find a specific place to practice. Choose a quiet environment that allows you to not be distracted. The ideal place is the mosque.

Find an acting partner (or friend). If you are not in school, ask a friend or family member to listen to you recite every day. Ideally, he should be as committed to memorizing as you are, so that you can encourage each other. It can also be useful to consult an expert: for this you can contact someone in the mosque ( masjid ) or even specialized sites, which you can consult online.

On the occasion of prayer (salah), recite the suras and verses you have learned. It is vital to remember that, while being a Hafiz brings numerous advantages and benefits, to learn a part by heart, only to forget it. It is a grave sin. To prevent this from happening, try to continually review the steps you just learned. Start reviewing the memorized parts right from the start, so you don’t risk forgetting the ones you learned earlier as you go along with the study.

Study systematically. Don’t jump from one sura to another. Learning the Quran in sequential order will give you the satisfaction of completing an entire para, or juz (section). This will encourage you to continue and complete the memorization task.