How does OMEX, the king of contracts, stand out and create a new experience in contract trading

How does OMEX, the king of contracts, stand out and create a new experience in contract trading

As an indispensable link in the digital asset industry chain, the exchange undertakes important tasks such as asset management, matching transactions, and asset clearing. It is the core link connecting the upstream and downstream of the digital asset industry chain. The exchange not only releases the value of digital assets, but also allows this value to be effectively integrated with the current economy, allowing digital assets to complete the transformation from virtual to real.

However, as the digital asset trading industry is on the move, it has begun to gradually develop in a vicious circle. Users complete wealth accumulation with first-come dividends, and platform parties complete their own capital return through harvesting again and again. This pathological and barbaric development is very likely Will bring a devastating blow to the industry.

OMEX Contract Exchange, as a breaker and as a challenger. Faced with this challenge, on the basis of following the laws of market development, using today’s most advanced technology: IPFS distributed storage technology and AI technology, OMEX exchange is expected to redefine the blockchain trading platform.

In order to meet this opportunity, OMEX Contract Exchange took the lead in successfully applying for the MSB US regulatory license. MSB is a type of financial license supervised and issued by FINCEN (Financial Crime Enforcement Agency under the U.S. Department of the Treasury). The main objects of supervision are businesses and companies related to money services, including digital assets, virtual currency transactions, and ICO issuance. As well as foreign exchange, international remittance and other services.

MSB, as a standard license for global digital asset trading institutions, means that while OMEX exchange has obtained authoritative approval, it can also provide users with more diversified services within the legal scope.

OMEX, an exchange built on blockchain technology, accurately utilizes its open, transparent, and non-tamper-resistant features, and uses decentralized core technology to provide strong security guarantees for every transaction of each user . More importantly, OMEX has created a decentralized digital asset ecosystem based on digital asset management on the blockchain. It is based on decentralized technology and is executed by smart contracts to prevent any assets from being custody. Users can Have absolute ownership and control over their own assets. With the strong support of decentralized technology, OMEX pays more attention to the construction of the entire blockchain digital asset ecosystem, and provides all-round and integrated services for digital asset issuers and holders.

New development faces new challenges, new opportunities look forward to new actions. OMEX will seize the historical opportunity, fully respect the law of development, urgently accelerate the development of the digital economy, sincerely share development experience, promote the construction of a “smart world”, take common progress as the driving force and win-win as the goal, and step out of a digital asset platform of mutual trust and mutual trust. The road to governance has continuously promoted the global Internet governance system towards a more just and reasonable direction, so that the dividends of the development of the digital economy will become the welfare of people all over the world.