How To Prevent Forest Fires

How To Prevent Forest Fires

It is true that fire is one of the most dangerous and life-threatening disasters that could happen any time of the day. Since most fire occurs in buildings and similar structures, there are also fires that can kill lives and even affect the environment. One of these is forest fires – which could be uncontrollable.


What is a ‘forest fire’?


Also known as Wildfire or vegetation fire, it is the spread of usually unplanned and unwanted fire of different plant species that are easily combustible. Obviously, this kind of fire can cause damage to the environment and has an effect on both the natural habitat of animals and humans. These events can occur due to global warming, dry temperatures, lightning, and even volcanic eruption (due to lava or magma). Though some instances are naturally occurring, there are forest fires that are caused by human activity.


How to prevent forest fires?


In the US, it is believed that most forest fires are caused by humans. It may look hard to prevent them from happening given the existing circumstances of the environment, it is possible to prevent them from occurring. No matter who you are, everyone has a responsibility to ensure that wildfires will not happen and protect the national resources.


Here are some of the ways on how to prevent forest fires:


  1. Explore with nature safely.


If you are planning for a campfire or bonfire, make sure that you are in an area where it is far from flammables and in an open location. Do not attempt to build fire in forests that have trees close to each other. Forest fires can spread very easily and end up being trapped in the fire.


  1. Avoid using fireworks.


Though they look good, fireworks could be a cause of forest fires. There is a bigger chance of occurrence when it is faulty – landing and popping in the direction of a forest or dry vegetation. Some countries are now using drones that can create a similar effect but are safer. It could be much more expensive, but it will ensure that everyone’s well-being.


  1. With the help of Fire Watch Guards


If you haven’t heard about them, Fire Watch Guards are security personnel that is well-trained to inspect an area or property to ensure that fire will not happen. Though they can’t thoroughly avoid fire from happening in the forest itself, it is recommended to hire their service if you live or have an event or business located near a forest. Some fire watch companies can even be reached through social media, which makes their service easy to avail.


As mentioned, forest fires can kill lives and affect the environment on a large scale. Since the earth (and its resources) is the only place that can help humans survive, we should do our part to take care of our nature. One of these is preventing forest fires from happening as much as possible. You might not just save lives, but help make the world a better place to live.