What is jaw angulation, and by what method is it done? Remarks from Dr. Mehran Ehsanian, Iranian famous and well-known doctor

What is jaw angulation, and by what method is it done? Remarks from Dr. Mehran Ehsanian, Iranian famous and well-known doctor

Who can perform jaw angulation surgery?

Jaw angulation is a beauty surgery method that can have a positive effect on people’s faces. Some people genetically have smaller or bigger jaws than the standard, or their jaws do not suit their faces. Jaw angulation surgery can help these people create normal and beautiful appearances.

In some cases, maxillofacial surgery (shrinkage or implant placement) is not just for beauty. For example, jaw surgery may be necessary for effective orthodontic treatment. Generally, your doctor helps you if you need this surgical procedure or not.

In addition to that, maxillofacial surgery and jaw angulation candidates should have the following characteristics.

People with perfect health (in case of physical problems, the surgery must be done by doctor’s advice).

People who do not smoke or intend to quit smoking.

People with realistic expectations from this surgery

People who prefer this method over other methods of jaw angulation

The characteristics we mentioned, are general and many of the people who try jaw angulation surgery have them. Because of that, the decision of whether you are a proper candidate for this surgery or not is up to the surgeon. As an example, in some cases, the patent can achieve the jaw angulation goal b much simpler methods like a fat injection. In this case, they will not need surgery,

Everything about angulation of round face

Angulation of round face is one of the medical methods done to change face over recent years. We can relate the cause to the change in the definition of beauty among people. Opposite to the past, round faces are not as popular as they used to be. Nowadays, angled faces are considered attractive faces. Angulation of round faces has different methods. Before everything, you need to determine the shape of your face. In this case, you can know if you need angulation of round face or you need to reach out to other beauty methods. In round faces, the width and length of the face are equal. These people have fleshy faces, and their facial bones are not seen. Cheeks and chins of these people are filled and big. A high percentage of round-faced people also have a double chin. This may cause people to look heavier. Because of that round-faced people show a special tendency to face angulation. Filler injection causes jaw edges to stand out and angulates them. This method is done on an outpatient basis, and usually, 3 syringes of filler are needed to angulate the jaw. Filler is not a permanent method so it should be extended after 12 to 18 months. Temporary methods help you recognize if an angled jaw suits your face or not. In the case of the desired face, you can try permanent methods like jaw angulation. In case of dissatisfaction, the effects disappear after a year or two.