How to Promote Click Funnels

Click Funnels by Russell Brunson is considered the most lucrative affiliate program for online marketers. If you join this program you will earn a 40% recurring commission on your click funnels sales. You also earn another 40% commission on all related product sold within the Click Funnels platform.  

However, before you earn the attractive commissions, you need people to see and click on your affiliate link. This’s called traffic. This means that the more views and click your click funnels attracts, the more money you make. Hence, learning how to promote your click funnels is one of the most important lessons for any affiliate marketer willing to succeed. In this article, I share with you the 7 proven methods of promoting click funnels page.

  1. Link Your Click Funnel Platform with Authority Sites to Drive Traffic 

Linking your click funnel page with authority sites is sometimes called content or authority marketing. This’s one of the best free ways of driving traffic to your site and increasing the overall visibility of your page, especially if you are a beginner. The first thing you need to do using this method is creating an anchor content on your click funnel page. Anchor content acts as a bait; it’s attractive and precisely tells potential customers exactly what they are getting.

After building an attractive click funnels page, the next step is creating high-quality authority content. The high-quality content should be posted on authority sites and linked to the anchor content on your click funnels page. If done right, this method can generate massive traffic to your click funnels page. However, you should note that even if you get it right, you’ll not see impressive results overnight. If you link with the right authority sites then you’ll definitely see game-changing results with time.

  1. Create A Facebook Group for Your Click Funnels and Post Valuable Content

Social media is one of the most powerful online marketing tools. Facebook is one of the most popular platforms that allow members to form groups based on interest. This should be the guiding principles when creating a Facebook group for your click funnel stores. Remember a Facebook group is a place for allowing people interested in the product you are selling to exchange ideas and support each other. It shouldn’t be a place for blatant marketing. Don’t bombard your followers with advertisements; they will consider it spam and quite the group.

Instead, let your fans share ideas and support each other as you engage them with valuable content that improves aspects of their lives while highlighting the value of the products in your click funnel page. Facebook pages are also a great place to share any type of link you wish as long as it adds value to the group members.

  1. Forms Relationships with Influencers and Take the Advantage of The Power of Instagram

Taking advantage of Instagram ensures you direct traffic. Instagram allows you to directly reach out to your potential customers or people who can help you promote your click funnel pages. For instance, influencers are online marketers who reach out to the potential clients by demonstrating how to use a product and its value. Partnering with influencers within your niche is a great way of popularizing your click funnel page.

You can also reach out to users in your niche by finding relevant hashtags and posting valuable content. Remember not to post many irrelevant hashtags; limit yourself to one or two per post. Find the Best Hashtags for your Instagram with

  1. Make Valuable YouTube Tutorial Videos

You Tube is the second largest search engine only second to Google. Making educational You Tube videos within your niche is a great way of building an audience that you can drive to your click funnels page. Making educational You Tube videos is not easy and it takes some time before mastering the art. Nevertheless, produce the best quality you can and be consistent because you’ll improve with time. Similarly, your audience and traffic will grow.

  1. Use Email Marketing to Promote Click Funnels 

If you have already built an email list, then it’s a great way to promote you click funnel page. All you need to do is import your email list to your affiliate dashboard. Make sure your marketing email captures the attention of the audience, explain the value of your product, and convinces them to purchase.

  1. Post A Guest Blog on A Niche Related to Your Click Funnel Page

Guest blogging is another effective way of promoting your click funnels offers if done right. First, you should make sure that the blog you intend to guest blog for fall within your niche. Second, the blogs you guest blog for should be among the most popular on the internet because popularity translates into powerful backlinks. Third, guest blogging should be done in a sincerer manner. Post valuable content as opposed to keyword staffed advert material. Google’s I.A can distinguish between spam and genuine posts.

After finding the right sites, post high-quality content and link back to your click funnel page. Remember you shouldn’t place too many links within the content because it will appear unnatural and spammy.

  1. Promote Your Click Funnel Page Using Pins and Boards on Pinterest

Pinterest can help you attract lots of attention to what you’re selling. Use Pinterest to create relevant pin and boards within your niche and relate them to each other. Surveys show that 93% of Pinterest users have bought something online. Moreover, surveys have indicated that pins with price attract 36% more traffic compared to unpriced ones. Building traffic on the platform just like any other social media platform takes time.

There you go, those are the seven most effective ways of popularizing your click funnels pages, especially if you’re a beginner. You can use paid traffic to drive visitors to your page. But remember this’s not organic traffic and conversation from paid traffic is often low compared to organic sources. Additionally, paid traffic is temporary. This means that you should focus on building long-term organic traffic using the method above. 

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