How Youtubers can Grow their YouTube Channel in 2020 – Proven Ways

How Youtubers can Grow their YouTube Channel in 2020 – Proven Ways

YouTube has become huge and is continuing to grow at an enormous speed. More people are switching to YouTube for entertainment, information or even for destination reviews rather than TV. Youtube has become so much big that it has now more than 50 million active creators and over two billion monthly users log into it. Hence, it is clear that there for sure is not any scarcity of content creators as well as content consumers on this giant platform. To grow a YouTube channel there is a lot of hard work for content creation and promotion. Many people choose growth tools like Sprizzy for channel growth. The queries among people, is Sprizzy safe? Is it legit to use a growth tool?

According to Mr. Washib Khan – Founder of “Every Youtuber wants to grow his / her Youtube channel organically and increase their watch time and subscribers, however, every creator is not able to grow their channel”.

So, to resolve this problem, we have brought it here the tried and tested ways that will surely help new as well as seasoned YouTubers to grow their YouTube channel in 2020 in record time and getting the Youtube subscribers organically.

  • Find your niche (Choose a particular industry)- Creators should categorize their channel as well videos so that the YouTube algorithm does a better job in associating their videos with a particular niche. It will help Youtube search engine to sort it better in ranking. Before even launching a YouTube channel, the first job for the Youtuber at hands is to zero-in on the sub-sub-sub category your YouTube channel is going to be about. This allows your channel to be a go-to place for that niche as well as allows you to play to your strengths as a creator as each category is very vast.
  • Quality content is still the King- It is no secret that you can do everything right for your YouTube channel from SEO to the thumbnails but if your content does not create value for your viewer, everything else is waste. To make sure your content is valuable to your viewer base, ask them what they wish to watch, do thorough research for your content and watch your competitors closely to observe what they are offering in order to keep their viewer base satisfied.
  • Publish videos regularly- When it comes to YouTube videos, quality and quantity go hand in hand. It is important to make top-notch content and it is equally important to upload it regularly to your YouTube channel. The trick is to draw an upload schedule which allows you to not only make good videos but to also upload them regularly in order to retain your subscribers as well as gain new audience. This is one of the secrets to grow your Youtube channel organically.
  • Create a highly engaging channel trailer- Channel trailers are a great way to make your point in favor of your professionalism and seriousness towards your YouTube channel. It provides you with opportunity to brand your channel, address your audience, and make a call to action to subscribe to your channel. Your channel trailer should be about 30-60 seconds long and should be highly compelling. It helps you to capture your viewer’s attention and make an impression.
  • Organize your channel home page- There are lot of things to lay stress upon when it comes to your YouTube Channel Homepage. Your channel page shows your channel art, channel icon, channel trailer as well as your uploads. A channel tagline allows you to rebrand your channel and to tell new visitors what your channel is about. Your channel icon is like a thumbnail for your channel, it shows up everywhere, it can be a high-resolution headshot or a logo. These few things help you appear more professional and gives you an edge over your competitors.
  • Make your Youtube channel technically strong with video SEO- According to Mr. Washib Khan “YouTube SEO forms the backbone for your channel growth as it helps you gain more viewership and better ranking in the YouTube search engine”.

The process begins with finding the right keywords for your videos. You can do this by using YouTube search suggestions feature, Google AdWords Keyword Planner and also by finding the keywords used by your competitors in their videos (You can use Tubebuddy , VidIq etc). These keywords will be your magic beans if used correctly. Optimize your video title, meta description and video tags using these keywords. Again the gem in growing your Youtube channel organically in 2020.

  • Create custom thumbnails- Thumbnails play as important role in increasing your Click Through Rate (CTR) as your video title. These are the first thing a viewer sees. Your thumbnail should comprise of both text and image, neatly representing the theme of the video. You can design your own thumbnails with the help of software like Canva of Adobe Photoshop. Your thumbnail should not be an attempt at click-bait to increase Click Through Rate.
  • Focus on maximizing your audience retention- The average duration for which viewers watch your video out of the total duration is known as audience retention. Your aim as a YouTube content creator is to keep this as close to 100% as possible. This will help your channel to gain more watch time and this reflects well with the YouTube algorithm, as YouTube wants to you to create content that keeps viewers on their platform for longer time. These videos rank better and hence gain more traffic which ultimately helps in the growth of the channel. This is one of the best ranking factors for optimizing your videos for the Youtube search engine and channel growth.
  • Interact with your audience- The YouTube algorithm closely monitors the interaction between the creators and their audience and measure the engagement in terms of likes / dislikes, shares, comments etc. The videos that generate better engagement ratio tend to rank better as YouTube realizes that video is a better result to a certain query. Hence, it is crucial for the creators to interact with their audience in the comments section as well in the community posts section. It is advisable to reply to as many comments as possible and to ask for your viewers opinions and queries on the video.
  • Organize your videos in a playlist- Every creator has a handful of videos that go together and hence, it is advisable to put them together in a playlist, in order to make it more accessible for the viewers to find all the videos that belong in a series. Name the playlist so that it is easy for the viewer to find it and also write a clear description using some keywords for all your playlists. This will make the viewer spend more time on your channel and compel them to subscribe.

These tips used together will work like magic potion for your YouTube Channel and help you grow your channel and live your life as you dreamed it. helps Youtubers in growing their Youtube channel. It is full-fledged company that is into Youtube channel consulting and also helps Youtubers in organic channel growth.