iBuy is changing real estate- and it’s a good thing

iBuy is changing real estate- and it’s a good thing

MIAMI— An up-and-coming South Florida real estate company called iBuy is the first to ever provide customers the ability to submit offers on properties themselves at the touch of a screen and at no cost. 

iBuy allows anyone to find and search for properties anywhere in South Florida. On the homepage, you can make an offer or schedule a tour on any property for sale. They are the first company ever to allow buyers to submit offers on properties directly online!

 You can buy and sell a home at the touch of your screen. If you’re looking for your dream home, it’ll help you find it. If you contact them, you get an immediate response back from one of the real estate agents wanting to help you as soon as possible. It’s all straightforward, and they do it themselves.

Contrary to popular belief, iBuy is not iBuying. The negative connotation that is iBuying comes from big companies investing in properties and giving customers the short end of the stick—which should be renamed as iInvesting. iBuy is focused on being consumer centric and concerned with its clients.

Its founder, Julian Chavez– a South Florida Real Estate broker, wanted to focus his efforts on a company that helped people find and buy properties easily and with convenience. At iBuy, they’re not like the other real estate companies- they don’t have the 20 years of retained clientele to give them clout. They’re here to give you the best service possibly with every type of real estate transaction to ensure a returning customer who refers friends and family. 

To get in contact with the iBuy team, visit ibuysfl.com, or e-mail Julian at jc@ibuysfl.com.


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